As The World Turns Update Monday 9/11/00


As The World Turns Monday 09/11/00

By Bethany 

 Lucinda demands to know what in the world is going on when she enters the holding area and finds Lily, whom she mistakes for Rose, kissing Simon. Has she forgotten about Holden and moved on the Simon, she asks? Lily is furious when her own mother doesn't recognize her. Lucinda accuses her of wanting the money from Craig to get out of town again. Lily says she hasn't spoken to Craig in years and demands that Lucinda straighten things out and get her out of there so she can confront Rose before she gets out of town. At the Lakeview, Holden and Katie arrive for the Awards ceremony. Craig and Margo also arrive while Molly, Abigail, and Chris put the final touches on the night to remember. Katie is blissfully unaware of what awaits her as the cameras keep taking pictures. She tells Holden how much she appreciates everything he has done for her. Further down the hall, Jake assures Rose that they are doing the best for Holden even if it doesn't seem that way now. Margo and Tom share a tender moment before they are interrupted by Emily bragging about how she wiggled her way into being a co-presenter at the ceremony. Abigail and Chris prepare to place the incriminating tape. Abby goes to Bucky, the technician and tells him that she needs help finding her contact lense. While he distracted by her, Chris prepares to place the tape in the VCR. Emily walks up on him and tries to get him to reveal what he is up to. She is easy enough to get rid of. He just tells her that a beautiful woman is talking to Jake and she hurries off to investigate. All is going according to plan until Katie walks up on him. Chris hides the tape from her and Molly rushes to distract her. She tells Katie that the tape is out of her hands and she is happy about it and offers Katie the olive branch. Why not, Katie replies. She leaves and happily takes her place beside Holden and Chris inserts the tape that will undoubtedly change Katie's future. Back at the jail, Lucinda is finally convinced that Lily is Lily and the duo prepare to leave for the ceremony. Lily takes a few moments to say goodbye to Simon, much to Lucinda's dismay. Tom and Emily take the podium and prepare to give Katie her award. The tape starts and everyone including Katie are stunned to see Katie in the tape surrounded by pictures of Molly. Katie's voice begins on the tape and Katie is horrified to realize that the incriminating is the one that is the one that is playing. Katie twists nervously in her seat until Tom stops the tape. Let her explain, she implores Holden. Go ahead and do it challenges her. She tries to explain that the tape was made as a result of the night Garth held her at gun point. Is it a lie, Holden demands. Katie tries to lie her way out of the predicament and may have done so if Rose hadn't taken the podium and enlightens the audience with her version of Katie's blackmail. Henry does his best to slink out the door and prays that he will not be implicated. Rose continues and tells the whole story including the part about the nude picture Katie had painted of Lily to drive a wedge between them. Rose exits the stage and Holden faces a stunned Katie. Why did she do it? She tries to explain that she loves him and she couldn't stand to watch him suffer while Lily was hanging around with Simon. He demands to know if she knew from the start that Rose was not Lily and Katie is forced to tell him that she did. He tells her that he never wants to see her again. Katie's night goes from bad to worse when she has to face Margo. Margo says she stood by her through the whole stalking story when she was lying and went against her husband when she accused Tom's brother of being the stalker when she knew better. She tells Katie that she doesn't know the girl that she has become. Molly joins in the gloats over a crestfallen Katie. She offers her some free advice, no one is going to get her off the floor. She needs to get up and clean up the mess that she has made of her life. Lily and Lucinda try to find Rose so that they can speak with her but she is no where to be found. In the hall, Jake fends off Emily who is snooping for the whole story. Molly comes up and they revel in the evenings events. Molly is grateful that the whole sorrid story of her downfall is now over.