As The World Turns Update Wednesday 9/6/00


As The World Turns Update Wednesday 09/6/00

By Bethany 

Katie panics after she learns from Denise that Holden is flying home
to Oakdale with the real Lily. She and Henry discuss the
incriminating tape that Molly has. Surely she won't play it now after
all this time. Suddenly Katie realizes that Molly must be faking
amenisa and she hurries off to further her blackmailing tactics to
At Molly's, she and Jake are a step ahead of Katie. Molly also
realizes that once she carries out her plan to topple Katie, that
Abigail will know that she remembers everything that happened before
the accident. Jake advises her to tell Abigail everything before  
Katie can get the chance to do it. As hard as it is for her, Molly
confesses all to a stunned Abigail. Abigail takes a very mature
attitude towards the situation and forgives Molly for hiding the
truth all these months.
At the Intruder, Emily prepares to go back on her word to Lucinda and
Jake. She is planning a full page story on the Lily/Rose saga. Chris
walks in and is livid when he realizes what she is trying to do.
After Emily leaves to go the jail to interview Rose, Chris alerts
Jake that Emily is going to print a no holds barred article on the
two women. Jake tells Molly he has to leave but he will be back in
time to pull operation bring Katie to her knees in place.
Abigail and Molly continue to discuss Katie and right on cue, Katie
arrives. Abigail hids out of sight but not out of earshot and Katie
displays her whole sorry self to a flabbergasted Abigail. She demands
the tape. Molly says no way. Well, if she plays it to Holden, she
will tell Abigail that she has been faking her memory loss.
Unknowingly to Katie, her trump card has been throw away and she
doesn't have anything to threaten Molly with. But Molly plays the
perfect poker face and assures her she will not show the tape to
Holden. Satisfied that she has dealt with the problem, Katie leaves
for the Endicots Award Ceremony. Abigail reappears and gives Molly
her blessing to Molly for her to take Katie down a couple of notches.
Simon, Lily, and Holden start home with Simon at the controls. He
daydreams about what could have been with Lily as Holden and she try
to understand what each other have been doing all these months.
Holden is still incensed with the scene that he witnessed when he
first arrived on the island. Lily is quick to point out that she
knows that Rose took over her life while she was away. But just how
much of it is true? What Celia told her that is. A forlorn Holden is
forced to admit that for once in her life, Celia told the truth and
that he did indeed sleep with Rose. But it was because he didn't know
what he was doing unlike her. How in the world could he not know that
Rose was not her, Lily ponders? The ramifications of the past few
months are more than the normally happy couple can take. They discuss
the children and Holden assures her that they are fine. He tells her
that he had Rose arrested when he discovered her duplicity. How long
did he take him, Lily demands? Holden is silent. As Lily insists that
she would have known the difference, Simon' voice comes over the
intercom and tells them that they are about to land.
Emily arrives at the jail and tries to sweet talk Rose into giving
her an exclusive on her life. Rose is not swayed by the tenacity of
Ms. Stewart. Jake arrives and throws Emily out and tells Rose that he
is going to bail her out.
At the airport, the islanders arrive. Simon tries to apologize to
Holden but he walks off wordlessly as Simon tells Lily goodbye. He is
planning to go back to Australia. He tells Lily that he loves her and
will miss being with her. Holden reappears and he and Lily leave to
go home to the house that Lily has been absent for at least four
months. Back at the house, Lily surveys the living room and declares
that things are not as she left them. For one thing she can smell
Rose's perfume. Holden ask Lily if she realizes that Simon is in love
with her. Before the conversation can continue. Emma arrives with the
children and Lily embraces them. Luke thanks Lily for the lullaby she
sang to him the night before and Emma takes the children to the
kitchen to prepare lunch. Lily tells Holden that it is now not a
matter of Rose filling her shoes, but she filling Rose's. Everything
is different and she cannot abide the fact that Rose infiltrated her
home and her relationship with her children.
As Simon tries to get a return flight to Australia the counter clerk
stalls. After a few minutes, the police come and arrest Simon for the
stolen truck in Canada. Simon realizes that a revengeful Holden
alerted the police that he was back in Oakdale.
Emily races back to the jail to finish her interivew with Rose and is
stunned to learn that Jake bailed her out. After a few moments, she
receives another shock, Simon is now in the cell that Rose was once
in. The police refuse to let her interview him but she realizes that
she is off the hook as far as Lily is concerned because if he is
back, Lily must be also. She races to complete the story.
At the Endicot site, Katie and Henry bask in the glory of the moment
that they have dreamed of. They are unaware that the other shoe is
about to drop, compliments of Molly.