As The World Turns Update Tuesday 9/5/00


As The World Turns Update Tuesday 09/5/00

By Bethany 

Carly arrives at the Hitching Post Chapel before the ceremony begins.
Barbara pitches a fit while Hal tries to tell her that this is Jack's
call and he must deal with it without any help from them. Julia
starts to tell Carly to leave but Jack says he will handle it and
takes Carly into the other room. Carly pulls out all the stops. She
loves him, she never stopped loving him and he is making a mistake
marrying Julia when he is still in love with her. It will never last
and he is setting Julia up for a lot of heartbreak down the road.
Jack informs Carly that she can leave Vegas and his life for that
matter. He loves Julia and he is going to marry her no matter what
she says. Stay and watch he tells her. Look at what real love is.
Carly still doesn't understand why he is rushing into the marriage.
Jack tells her about the humiliation of being left at the altar by
her. He points out all of her shortcomings. Julia is dependable,
loyal, and loves him. So get a golden retriever if he needs someone to
love, but don't marry Julia. With that, Jack orders her out of the
chapel and takes his place beside an uncertain Julia. The ceremony
proceeds and before you can say I do, Jack and Julia are man and
Holden arrives on the island just as Simon and Lily are preparing to
make love. He stuns them both when he appears. Lily jumps up and
tries to embrace Holden, but smarting from the scene he has just
walked up on, he shoves her away. Simon attempts to help Lily explain
and before they come to blows, Lily escorts Holden to the beach so
she can tell him what has actually happened. Holden is fully
convinced by this time that the "affair" has been going on the whole
time they have been gone. Rose tried to tell him, Mitzi tried to tell
him and Celia tried to tell him and he didn't want to listen. Lily
reminds him of all that they have been through over the years and
when they come to the plane, Cooley is not there. Holden tells Lily
about Cooley flying him there and Lily is quick to point out that it
is because of Cooley that she is dressed the way she is. She bets he
didn't tell Holden of his advances towards her did he? She tells
Holden that the diamond is gone. Lily tells Holden that he can't
trust Cooley. There is no telling where he is. He is the only way off
the island. Simon appears and says that he knows how to fly but they
need to leave soon because of a storm that is brewing. Holden says he
is right but his temper gets the best of him and he attacks Simon.
When he pulls the pistol that Cooley gave him, Lily reasons with him
that they need him to fly them off the island.
Back in Oakdale. Mitzi has come to visit Rose. Rose tells her that
everything will be all right. She has learned a lot about herself and
liked who she was since arriving in Oakdale. Mitzi makes a quick exit
when Emma appears. She implores Rose to call Luke. He needs his
mother. Rose tells Emma that she isn't his mother and Emma says yes
that is true but Luke had a bad first day at school when his
classmates told him that his mother was in jail. They have tried
telling him that Lily is on a business trip. She gives Rose a cell
phone and Rose calls him. It is almost impossible to watch the
heartbreaking exchange between them as Rose impersonates Lily one
more time. After singing to him, Luke falls asleep as Rose listens to
him breathing peacefully over the phone.
Lucinda has managed to track down Rose's father. She isn't there to
start trouble but she needs some information on Rose. She tells
Joseph that Rose is in jail. They begin talking about two different
legal problems until Lucinda realizes that he is talking about an
entirely different kind of scam. Joseph tells Lucinda about his wife
and the child that they lost at birth. The doctors sedated her
immediately after the birth and the next morning, she didn't realize
that her daughter had died. Joseph tells Lucinda that he couldn't
bear to tell her so he went to speak with one of the nuns. They went
to the children's ward and there was an eight month old child there
that needed a mother. So he took the child to his wife. Didn't she
realize that the child wasn't a newborn? Well, if she did, it didn't
matter and they took the child that he received on April 11, home as
their own. They raised her, loved her, and never discussed the bizare
set of circumstances again. Lucinda shows Joseph a picture of Lily
and asks if it is possible that Rose had a sister. Not that he is
aware of. But Rose always talked of an imaginary sister that she had
as a child. Is it at all possible that they are sisters, they wonder?