As The World Turns Update Monday 08/28/00


As The World Turns Monday 08/28/00

By Bethany 

Henry and Katie discuss Katie's plan to enter the Synder house to
retrive the incriminating tape that Rose has stashed in the house.
Henry tell her to give it up. Holden will never love her. Cut her
losses and move on. But a determined Katie leaves to get the tape.
At the jail, a stunned Molly learns from Shanks that Rose is indeed
Rose.  She needs a favor, please Rose implores. She tells Molly were
the tape is and even provides a key to the house that she smuggled
into the jail in her bra.  When Molly explores the possiblity of
bringing Katie down, she decides that Rose's plan in too tempting to
pass up.  She hurries to the house and gets in before anyone else
arrives. She finds the tape and is ready to leave when Emma arrives
with the children. She hides in the house and when Emma leaves the
room, she almost makes it out the door until, Katie arrives.  Katie
shoots Emma a cock-n-bull story about needing something out of
Holden's briefcase.  Emma leaves and Katie finds the tape box but no
tape.  Emma has to leave and Katie has no choice but to follow her
out the door. When they leave. Molly retrives the tape box and
manages to get out of the house unseen.
Back at the Walsh mansion, Jake and Lucinda decide that their best
course of action in finding Lily, is through Rose. They head to the
jail and strike a bargain, legal counsel for information regarding
the hows and whys that Rose and Lily met. Lucinda is able to piece
together enough information to satisfy her to help Rose.  Upon
leaving, Rose tells Jake about Molly coming by and the tape.
He calls Molly and tells her to meet him at the Lakeview, now.
At the Lakeview, a crestfallen Katie talks with Henry. He tries to
get her to leave with him. She refuses. As irritated as Jake is with
Molly duplicity concerning the tape, he is dazzled by her tenacity.
Let's give Katie a dose of her own medicine.  The write her a note,
give the tape to the waiter and watch Katie squirm when she opens the
empty case and the not, you snooze you lose, loser. She is so dead,
she laments. They realize that Molly has the tape.
Back on the island, Simon and Lily have prepared a raft with food and
plan to try to leave the next morning.  Fearing that they will leave
her behind, Celia takes the flares that she found and starts a fire
in the cave that Simon banished her to. As she scream, they run to
find out what it going on and are horrified when they believe that
Celia was in the cave when it burned. While they are looking for
her,Celia takes the raft, food and the diamond and heads for the
shore. Simon and Lily arrive just in time to see her disappear
beneath the waves. Simon attempts to go out and rescue her, but Lily
tells him it is useless, she is gone.  He has taken such good care of
her, let her take care of him.