As The World Turns Update Friday 08/25/00


As The World Turns Update By Bethany 08/25/00

Jake and Molly return to Molly's apartment and she says that she
wants to replace the snowdome that had gotten broken in Jake's
apartment.  It isn't necessary Jake says. It is then that Molly
realizes that the object was irreplaceable.  They share a tender
moment and Jake says he must leave because he has an appointment with
Lucinda. After he leaves, the door bell rings almost immediatley and
a stunned Molly opens the door to the prodical cousin, Carly. She may
possibley be the only one in town glad to see her. The attempt to
catch up on each others life and Carly explains the whole Winston
Lowe story including the part about not having any money. Molly
ponders the idea that Winston died.  Carly assures her that he had a
heart attack because he wouldn't listen to the doctors, drank heavily
and fell and hit his head on a coffee table. Molly explains about
Jake and the scam that they pulled on David Steinbeck to get him to
confess that he had tried to have Allison kidnapped. After wondering
how they seem only able to get trouble to follow them, Molly invites
Carly to stay with her and Abigail.
At the news conference that Lucinda has arranged with all the press
persons of Oakdale, she stuns everyone there with a plea for their
compassion and help. She explains the Rose/Lily saga and asked that
they keep the news to a minium because the police think that they may
scare off any witness if it because a cause celebrae. For once, Lisa
and Lucinda agree and all of the journalist agree to help, including
Emily. But once in the hall, Emily attempts to get back to the paper
so she can write the story.  She is confronted by Chris and Jake who
remind her that is wasn't that long ago that she need help and people
went out on a limb to to help her and that is what she is going to
do. Unhappy about it, she relents to their pressure.
Rose meets with the public defender that seems unfamiliar with her
case. She explains that charges against here that include identity
theft, forgery, aiding and abeting Celia's escape, and kidnapping
Lily. She is not guilty of the last two she says.  Think of all the
good she did while she was here.  She raised all that money at the
hospital tele-thon and she managed to keep Katie away from
Holden.With everything against her, he isn't a bit hopeful about the
situation. Does she have any one that can testify for her, he asks.
No, because no one wants to admit what Lily did, it is easier to
blame her and she has no friends.  As if on cue, Katie arrives and
offers to be her friend. She goes on and on about how they need to
make sure that there are no loose ends in her defense. Maybe she
should give up the incriminating tape that Rose has on her so they
won't think that she was trying to blackmail Katie as well. Rose
completely understands now why Katie is there.  It isn't to help her,
but to help Katie. Rose tells Katie that she knows that she was the
one that supplied Lucinda with the picture of her as a showgirl.
Katie denies it but Rose tells her to get lost. With friends like
her, she doesn't need any more enemies.
Down in the Dade County jail, Holden meets his link to Lily, Cooley.
Cooley is uncooperative and laments about the state of the union
since he has been gone.  Holden implores him to tell him everything
that he knows about the plane. Does Holden think he is crazy? He
isn't going to confess to stealing a plane. Holden tells him about
Celia and Cooley implies that he would be interested in helping for a
half million dollars, the cost of his bail. Why should he bail him
out before he tells what he knows, Holden inquires? He shows Cooley a
picture of Lily and Cooley muses that Lily is such a beautiful
flower.  Big mistake, Holden never told Cooley his wife's name. Come
back tomorrow when you are ready to pay, he spits.
Back in Oakdale, Lucinda and Jake are going over Rose's story with a
fine tooth comb.  They come up with the same thing that the
investigaters have come up with that Rose was telling the truth about
her life. She is the same age as Lily, only eight months younger. But
try as they may, they cannot find her birth place. They come to the
conclusion that Rose has no birth certificate.
Back at WOAK, Henry is livid because now he realizes that Katie knew
all along about the Rose situation. She has got to get that tape.
Rose said it was in the house and Rose in jail and Holden is out of
Emily is mesmerized by one aspect of the case at least.  How could
Rose pull it off? How could Holden not know that Rose was not Lily?
She wonders if she could change enough to give Jake back the Vicky he
loves so much.