As The World Turns Update Tuesday 08/22/00


As The World Turns Update By Bethany 08/22/00

The Hughes and Dixon brothers continue their night out and the
agrument escalates when Tom accuses Andy of giving up and accepting
his fate of being "paralyzed". Chris jumps to Andy's defense and he
and Tom continue to agrue loudly. Andy attempts to reenter the
discussion but Tom is so busy with Chris that Andy's voice is not
heard. Finally, forgetting for the moment that he is "paralyzed",
Andy stands alone.  When his feat is witness by his brothers, he
falls quickly.
Denise and Nancy discuss her dinner plans for the guys and Denise
invites her to come over also. Nancy declines saying that this is the
night for the guys and she will come another time. Meanwhile, Kim and
Bob are enjoying the movie with Hope.  They recalled the trials of
the past few months with Andy's accident and the decide that it is
all behind them and they are going to look to the future.  They leave
to join the guys back at the house for Denise's 5 alarm chili. While
waiting for them, Denise muses that she is beginning to sound like a
housewife. Andy arrives home followed shortly by his brother, Bob,
Kim, Hope and Nancy.  They decide to have a family dinner.
At the police station, Rose does everything that she can think of to
talk Jack out of incarcerating her. She is not going to talk her way
out of this Jack informs her.  She is staying right there for justice
for the crimes she committed. They bounce the situation around and
right off the wall that Celia used to draw the lily and rose on when
she escaped.  That's it, Jack states. Maybe Celia was trying to tell
him something after all.
At the Walsh mansion, Holden continues with the incrediable story of
the Lily/Rose sage. It is more serious than she though, Lucinda
laments.  Lily has taken on an additional personality. Holden assures
her that this is not the case but there is another woman posing as
Lily at his home and that he has no idea where the real Lily is.
Lucinda has a problem grasping the concept but eventually Holden gets
through to her and vows he will do everything necessary to find Lily
and get her home safely.Lucinda practically comes unglued at the
prospects of the fate that Lily could have met.She puts her whole
faith in Holden to bring her home safely and unharmed. He insist that
Lucinda stay behind to help with the children who he plans to tell
that Lily is on another trip.
Lucinda leaves after Holden does and arrives at the jail for her own
interrigation of the Lily imposter. Rose tries her best to tell
Lucinda that she doesn't know where Lily is. Why did she do it?
Lucinda demands and Rose admits that she fell in love with Holden. 
Big mistake, Lucinda informs her. Lucinda tries to buy Rose off for
information but she doesn't have anything else that she can offer
her.  Lucinda decides to play the waiting game before burning her
bridges with Rose. She implies that she will try to help with her
legal problems if Rose can later help in Lily's return provided that
she has not caused Lily to be harmed or worse.
Jack arrives at Holden's and tells him that he found out that Celia
charged a charter plane on her credit card in North Carolina. The
plane never came back and the charter company had all but wrote off
ever seeing it again until three days ago when the plane was found in
an orange grove in Dade County Florida with one William Cooley at the
controls, asleep. Cooley it seems was a gun runner in the mid 70's
and has a list of charges against him a mile long.  Since 76, he was
a fugitive and considered dead until three days ago.  The Dade County
Florida authorities have him in custody and he isn't going anywhere
fast considering that he is under a .5 million dollar bond. Holden
insist on going to Florida to see Cooley and Jack tells him that he
has made arrangements with the Floridain authorities for him to see
him the next day.