As The World Turns Update Monday 08/21/00


As The World Turns By Bethany 08/21/00

As the show opens, Denise is in the kitchen preparing a chili dinner
for Tom, Christopher, and Andy while they prepare to have a men's
night out. Kim attempts to comfort Denise about her break-up with
Ben.  Andy comes in the kitchen and Denise seems resigned to become a
part of the Hughes family and try to fit in. Although she is less
than thrilled, she is making the most of the situation.  Bob and Kim
leave with Hope to go to the drive-in movie.
Back at the Snyder home, all hell has broken loose with Holden's
revelation that he knows about Rose's duplicity.  She attempts to
cover but she sees a side of Holden that she didn't know exsisted; 
his  volatile personality.  Where is his wife he demands? Rose
attempts to explain that she doesn't know where Lily is, that the
last time she saw her, was immediately after the shooting incident at
Atantic City.  The deal was that they were to meet each other back in
Oakdale and Rose came back in her place only after Holden got to her
before he got to Lily. She thought that Lily would be back soon and
when she didn't return, she assumed that she didn't want to come back
and was with Simon.  To further prove her point, she plays the
answering machine tape where Lily had called from Canada and only got
out that she was with Simon before being cut off. After several
moments of nearly coming to blows with Rose, Holden hauls her off to
the police station where he and Jack continue question her.  The
questioning basically is the same, where is Lily, and Rose declares
that she doesn't know. A glimmer of hope is interjected when Rose
recalls that Celia came to Oakdale in a chartered jet. Jack races off
to confirm her story.  While alone in the conference room, Rose tries
to get Holden to let her help him. Again he demands to know where
Lily is and Rose explains that she is probably on some tropical
island like Celia told her.  She is actually closer to the truth than
she realizes, except Celia didn't tell her that Lily and Simon made
the trip via a plane drop and a swim in shark-infested waters. No
lights,no phone, no motor car, not a single luxury...For her or
Lily.  Rose is arrested and put in a holding cell.
Lily is sleeping and dreaming of returning home. After she greets
Holden he begans to fade away in the wake of Simon returning.  She
looks so peaceful and he reaches down and kisses her.  She awakens
and he informs her that he has a surprise for her. He pulls out 2
ears of corn her found in a heavily over-grown area of the island.
Lily is thrilled to have the corn to eat but Simon is thinking
further down the road, save the seeds so that they can plant the corn
for next year he states.  Lily is dumbfounded and horrified at the
thought that they could actually be there next year.
Back at Oakdale, the Hughes-Dixon brothers are enjoying a night out
on the town shooting pool until Emily's name get brought up. Tom is
seething that Chris didn't tell him anything about Emily's
predicament with David Stenbeck.  When Andy tries to defend Chris's
position with Emily the conversation gets heated and ends with Chris
walking out.
On her banished portion of the island, Celia has the fish that Simon
brought so she wouldn't starve and Cooley's stash of home-made
moonshine. She continues to down the unknown concoction despite
Simon's warning that she doesn't know what it is. After he has left
she ramshackles the cave that Cooley used and finds an emergency box
of flares.
At the Walsh mansion, Holden arrives and tells Lucinda that they have
a problem; Lily never returned from Atlantic City.