As The World Turns Update 08/18/00


As The World Turns Update By Bethany 08/18/00

Holden and Mitzi exchange a few polite pieces of coversation
regarding the way that "Lily" has changed over the past few months. 
Holden coyingly suggests to a short-sighted Mitzi that he likes the
changes and he is interested in the new woman that she has become.
After several moments of dancing around what he is really after,
Holden moves in for the kill and Mitzi reveals that "Lily" is really
Rose D'Angelo. Finally, Holden has what he has been after and
suspected. He spats out, "What have the two of you done with my
wife?" Even Mitzi realizes at this point that she has blown the setup
and tries to convince an angry Holden that she doesn't know where
Lily is. Holden continues to press for the details and Mitzi sings
like a canary spilling the whole scheme from start to finish. An
incredulous Holden orders Mitzi to take the first bus out of town,
one way to Atlantic City and that she had better not warn Rose in the
process.  Face with the prospect of prison and orange jumpsuits for
the better part of her productive life, Mitzi is forced to leave Rose
for Holden to tear apart.
While all this is going on, Lily and Simon are attending to the day
to day effects to find food on the island. Lily continues to be
homesick and worried about the story that Celia told her regarding
her family. Simon does his best to reassure her that they will be
rescues once Cooley turns up with the plane and no explanation where
he got it from. Faced with prison, he is certain to reveal what he
knows about the castaways, Simon reasons.
At the courthouse Craig and Carley face off regarding Bryant and
Parker.  He will pay Carley vows.  Craig reminds her that the strings
that he pulled to exonerate her from Winston Lowe's death could
become untangled if she doesn't back off from his son. Jessica joins
the group and announces that the charges against Bryant have been
dropped.  Barely unable to contain himself, a livid Hal demands to
know how the state attorney's office became entangled in the case and
who Craig paid off for the freedom of his son. After ordering
Jennifer to the car, he informs Craig that he has every intention of
doing what he can to have the case reopened. Carly remembering
Craig's "threat" pleads with Hal to drop it. Why? Hal demands to
know. She explains that it isn't going to change things and that they
should concentrate their efforts towards Parker's recovery. When
Craig makes a crack about Hong Kong, Hal becomes suspicious about
Carley and Craig's true relationship and inquires about how she knows
him. She lies to Hal and states that she doesn't know Craig but he
simply isn't worth the effort. They leave for the hospital.
"Lily" arrives at the Snyder home with Luke and Faith in tow.  Holden
watches her spin a tail to Luke about her first day of school. He
interrupts and attempts to get the children out of the room when Emma
arrives with the cake and presents for "Lily's" birthday party. 
Holden tries vainly to put it off but his unknowing mother insists
and a helpless Holden has to endure the painful exchange between his
mother, the kids, and "Lily".
Meanwhile, back on the island, Simon has fashioned a birthday
surprise consisting of a birthday candle he found in Cooley's cave.
Make a wish he implores. She does and the they knowingly exchange
glances over the important wish. Lily begins to believe that they
might actually be rescued.
Back in Oakdale, the party is winding down and finally, Holden has an
opening to get Emma and the kids out so he can confront "Lily". Emma
leaves and Holden and "Lily" face off. She begins a speech of how
grateful she is for "her life". Finally at the end of his rope, a
horrified "Lily" is speechless when Holden calls her Rose D'Angelo.