As The World Turns Update 08/17/00


As The World Turns Update By Bethany 08/17/00

Julia awakes to discover that Jack has allowed her to sleep half the
day away.  In the middle of the room is a huge box with a loving note
from Jack. She unwraps the package and she is shocked to discover her
own real live Jack-in-the-box! He formally proposes to Julia and they
both retreat to the box to make love when the phone rings and it is
Holden imploring Jack to drop what he is doing to focus his
attention.  Easier said then done,laments Jack.  Please, Holden begs.
Under one condition, that he gives him some specific reason why he
needs him at this most inopertune time. The picture, Holden starts,
the one of Simon and Lily in Canada on June 6,  would he please make
a couple of calls check the authenticity of the date. Jack relents
and states that he is on it to a greatful Holden.
Meanwhile, back at the arraignment, Bryant exchange a hostile prose
about the short comings of Craig Montgomery as a father. Little do
they know, Jennifer is eaves-dropping in the background. Bryant
informs Craig that he is fully prepared to take his punishment like a
man and take responsibilty for his part in the accident. Craig
unhappily leaves and Lucinda comes in.  While Jennifer is still
lurking in the background, Lucinda explains to Bryant that he has the
option of pleading guilty to the lesser charge of reckless driving or
pleading not guilty to the standing charges and take his chances in
court.  She is beaming with grandmotherly pride when Bryant states
that he is going to take responsibilty for his actions and not be
sucked into Craig's offer of help to "make it all go away." Bryant
opts for the plea bargain and is ironing out the details with the
attorney when Jennifer comes out of hiding and demands that Jessica
charge her also in the accident.  A livid Hal tells her to go home. 
Defying her father, she tells him that she intends to stay even after
Jessica tells her that she cannot be charged in the accident.
Back at Holden and "Lily's", Holden is putting up the "evidence" that
he has collected thus far when "Lily" comes in the room and starts
questioning him about the suspicion envelope containing the photo.
It is some birth records. She asks him if he is planning on climbing
his family tree also and he more or less lets her believe
that. "Lily" exits to go to Emma's to retrieve the kids and shortly
thereafter, Jack arrives.  What is going on? Jack asks. An antsy
Holden wants to know if he has heard from Canada yet. Chill, they
have his cell phone number and indeed the authorities call and
validate the authenticity of the date on the photo.  It is correct.
No way could it be wrong states Jack and it would hold up in court if
necessary. What is the deal, a still puzzled Jack inquires? Holden
launches into the long anology about a puzzle and the pieces not
quite fitting.  He has had numerous flashbacks about incidents that
have happened between him and "Lily" over the past few months and
those reported to him by Lucinda and other people who have interacted
with "Lily" since April. Finally, Holden tells an incredulous Jack
that he believes that there are two "Lilys". Jack implores him not
to  jump the gun but Holden states that he has examined the situation
and things are just not right. He also states that he checked with
the airline and discovered that he and "Lily" returned from Atlantic
City 12 days before the picture of Lily and Simon was taken in
Canada. They discuss the "double" that the Cops from Atlantic City
upset "Lily" with,and debate that if she is not "Lily" what the real
Lily's  possible fate could have been. Holden and Jack seize and item
handled previously by "Lily" and Jack goes to the police station to
run an fingerprint comparison.
At the courthouse, Hal introduces Carly to Bryant and Carly spats at
him and asks him how he could have done such a thing. Lucinda is
to point out that if Carly had been where she was suppose to be when
she was suppose to be there, that maybe the accident could have been
avoided. Craig is busy at Java underground trying to obtain the name
of the state's attorney so he can "buy" Bryant out of his misery.
They also discuss the professional aspects of the club and Isaac
tells Craig that everything is fine and he needs to continue being
a "hand-off" partner. Back at the courthouse, Carly is stunned to
learn that Craig is Bryant's father when he returns from Java.
"Lily" arrives at Emma's for the kids and is over-whelmed and
mystified by the birthday cake that Emma has baked for "her"
birthday. She makes a slip about her mother and her cooking in the
kitchen when she was a child and a puzzled Emma has a problem
concocting an imagine of Lucinda al la Betty Crocker in her younger
days.  Realizing her blunder, "Lily" attempts to cover and the
mistake is lost in the tender moment of Emma and "Lily" doing some
mother-in-law and daughter-in-law bonding.
Holden begins his quest for knowledge about the mystery of the two
Lilys by visiting Mitzi.  She states that she doesn't like to get in
the middle of their marriage.  Holden states that "Lily" is different
now and that the only difference between Mitzi and himself is that
Mitzi knew from day one that Lily was different.