As The World Turns Update 08/16/00


As The World Turns Update By Bethany 08/16/00

Jake comes to Molly's bright and early to deliver the paper stating
that the trial for David Steinbeck is coming up. Jake does his best
to convince a frighten Molly that everything will be all right. Molly
seems to be concerned that Abigail will have a negative impression of
her once her notorious past with David comes out at the trial.  Molly
wonders if she shouldn't just tell Abigail the truth. Later in the
day, Molly and Jake meet with Jessica and try to get her to let Molly
release a deposition instead of testifying at the trial.  Jessica
informs the stunned pair that the she didn't subpena her but the
defense did. This just worries Molly even more. When she return home,
she is greeted by a bouquet of balloons. Thinking that Jake sent
them, she asks Abigail to read the card. She is horrified when
Abigail read, "Justice is blind but I am not, David". After Abigail
leaves, Molly breaks down in Jake's arms.
Parker continues to make progress while Margo fills Craig in on
Bryant's legal woes. After Margo leaves, Craig and Carly come face to
face. Craig seems unphased by the fact that Carly stole his first
class ticket back to Chicago and his money and tells her he knows now
that she was telling the truth about Parker. He eases her mind when
he reveals that the death of Winston Lowe was ruled as accidential by
the Hong Kong authorities.  Carly wonders what Craig is really after.
Hal is at the police station like a tiger on a hunt for its prey when
Lucinda arrives to get Bryant for the arraigement. They exchange
words regarding the zeal that Hal has gone after Bryant. After they
leave, Margo tries to reason with Hal that they both are too
emotionally involved and should step away from the case and let
someone who can be objective take over. Her pleas fall on deaf ears
and she threatens to report Hal to Internal Affairs if he doesn't get
a handle on his tactics in handling the case.
At the hospital, Hal tell Carly that she needs to come with him to
the court house so she and him can tell the court exactly what Bryant
has done to their son. At the courthouse, a guilt-ridden Bryant seems
to be having trouble accepting the fact that he should plead "not
guilty" to the charges against him. He is having a flash-back about
the accident when Craig arrives to be with his son.