AMC Update Monday 9/2/13 Ep. 43

All My Children Update Monday 9/2/13 Ep. 43
Aired on OWN on 9/23/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Jesse and Angie talk about his job search. He tells her it's not going well. Even PVU, which was once interested in his teaching, rejected him. Jesse tells his wife he really loved his job and she encourages him to open up his own detective agency. She says that since Tad went undercover and closed his business, the town needs another agency like that. Jesse seems interested in the prospect. Angie leaves to go to the hospital and Jesse reminds her that Cassandra - and all of them - will be okay.

Brooke worries about their investors, while Dimitri has a new idea concerning this. JR enters to apologize for accusing Brooke of corrupting his file. He tells the two that he was blinded with anger and made a mess of things. He offers to make it up to them and smooth things over with the investors. Brooke thanks him but Dimitri says it's too late. The investors have all decided to go with Cortech. Dimitri says that Palmer Cortlandt's son is a genius for business and Adam Chandler's son is a screw-up. JR apologizes and says it won't happen again. Brooke says JR has plenty of time to figure out how he can be an asset to the company. Dimitri asks why JR changed his opinion about Brooke corrupting the file. JR says he suspects someone but won't share his ideas. Colby meets JR on his way out and calls him a "suck-up", but JR tells her he has a plan.

Miranda enters AJ's room with concert tickets to offer him but Heather arrives ready for a picnic. Miranda hides the tickets and says she has plans when they invite her. They leave and Miranda rips up the tickets.

JR runs into Joe at the hospital, saying he has an appointment with Dr. Anders. Joe informs him that Anders hasn't shown up yet. JR asks Joe about Cara having her prescription pad stolen. Joe seems surprised that JR knows. JR wants to know if they've figured out who it is yet. Joe says they haven't but they are working on it. JR says he doesn't want Cara to get in trouble for it. Joe says the person who did it had no regard for how much trouble Cara could get in, how it would affect her career and her reputation.

Colby arrives at the Hubbards' home to visit Cassandra with videos and snacks. Cassandra says she doesn't care what they have. She tells Colby she doesn't need her to keep her company. Colby says she needs friends and shouldn't let herself go. Cassandra calls her a pain and Colby laughingly says they have that in common. Cassandra relents and they eat ice cream together.

Jesse runs into David, who taunts him about being unemployed. David also brings up the scene at the gala when Jesse was drunk. Jesse tells him to leave him alone. David says they are hiring security guards at Cor-Tech. Jesse rejects the idea but David says he should think about it, since nobody else in town wants to hire him. David brings up the fact that Angie's family has always supported him. Jesse threatens to hurt David if he doesn't step off. David says he will be charged with assault too, and won't be able to get any job at all. David calls him a loser and says Angie will wake up one day and realize she can do better.

Cara runs into JR at the mansion. She thanks him for paying for Oliver's medical bills. He tells Cara he came by to apologize again and mentions he discovered David was the one who corrupted the file, not Brooke. She seems a little surprised it was David. She starts to leave but JR stops her, hoping to have a rehab session. She tells JR she is busy worrying about her career and reputation thanks to his stealing the prescription pad. He tells Cara he is off the steroids but she says she still can't trust him. He says he wants to make her trust him again, to work together on his rehab. Cara tells him she just wants to take Oliver, leave town, and never come back.

David brings Cassandra some flowers. Colby answers the door and says it was nice of him to do. Cassandra is sleeping on the couch. David asks how she's doing and Colby tells him she is still dealing with a lot. Sometimes, she gets a faraway look as though she's reliving what happened to her in her head. He goes to leave and Colby stops him to ask if he corrupted JR's file, saying they agreed to always be honest. David acts surprised and calls her - and her family - paranoid. She says it isn't paranoia if it's true. David says JR is blaming everyone else for his mistakes. Colby calls him a jerk if he really did it. David doesn't admit to it and Colby asks why he can't just leave JR alone. He says JR needs to learn a lesson. David says he can't forgive JR, after what happened to his daughters. David reminds Colby he won't forget what JR did. Colby thinks JR's been punished enough. David reminds Colby that they're allies, but she says she won't help him destroy her brother. David is surprised she cares so much for JR, but she says that he is her only family now that Adam blew her off. David reminds her of the thirty grand he gave her and will do so again and says that he might be the only person who is always there for her.

Dimitri and Brooke have a business meeting but she is distracted. He point it out and says they need to talk about the kiss. She says she wants to move past it. He tells her they have been in each other's lives for a long time. She says they've always been friends. Dimitri asks if she knows how beautiful she is. He admires her humor, her laugh, everything. Brooke says she loves Adam but Dimitri asks why he isn't there. If he was with her, he would never leave her. Brooke says Adam would be there if he could, that he is rebuilding his company. Dimitri tells her that he has feelings for her, feelings he didn't know he could have anymore. He tells Brooke that when they kissed, he knows that she felt it too. Brooke apologizes and says she loves Adam. Dimitri grabs her and kisses her. He then gets up and leaves, while Brooke looks shocked.

Miranda asks Jane for a job, saying she needs the distraction. Miranda thinks back on all the good times with AJ as she sang the song she wrote for him. Jane asks what's up, but Miranda says the summer isn't turning out the way she wanted.

Heather and AJ return from their picnic. They start kissing and she pushes him on the bed, then takes off her top. AJ starts to stop her but Heather says it's not her first time. She tells AJ that she wants him and thinks about him all the time. He takes off his shirt and they continue kissing, but JR knocks on the door and won't leave. They grab their clothes and AJ opens the door. JR asks if Heather will leave and let them talk, but AJ says they were just leaving. He tells his dad it's not a good time. Heather goes downstairs, and AJ says he has nothing to say to JR. JR says they need to talk about it, that they seem to be making progress in their relationship. AJ starts to leave and says it's too late. JR stops him and says he is still his father. AJ asks what that means, if he doesn't want a relationship with his dad, what will JR do? He says he is so messed up, he could kidnap him or shoot him. He says that's how the Chandlers are and he wants nothing to do with them or him. He leaves, slamming the door.

Brooke confronts Dimitri at the station, saying that she values honesty but that he has put her in a tough spot. He says he won't apologize for telling her how he feels. She says that's great, but now she might lose him as an employee. He asks if she wants him to leave, but she just wants things to be back to the way they were. She tells him she is willing to forget the whole thing, that they are great friends and partners. He says if that's what she wants, it's okay. They decide to remain partners and shake on it.

Angie talks to Jesse on the phone about plans with the counselor, but he tells her he is busy finding a place for his business. She says she is happy he is going ahead with the plans and tells him how proud she is. He looks uncomfortable and gets off the phone. He picks up another phone and answers. It's Tad, who tells him Uri's about to resurface, so he is coming home to help him.

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