AMC Update Monday 8/26/13 Ep. 42

All My Children Update Monday 8/26/13 Ep. 42
Aired on OWN on 9/19/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Colby enjoys Celia's reaction to the skunk prank. Opal feels bad for ruining the date and says she gets a weird vibe from Celia. She says that Pete needs to figure out that Celia is not good for him.

Celia and Pete go back to his place, both smelling of skunk from the prank that Colby and Opal played on them. Celia goes to take a shower and Pete vows to finish this date well, since somebody paid a lot of money for it.

JR tries to apologize to Cara for what happened between them. She says he's just like the old JR after he stole the prescription pad from her. JR tells Cara he will do whatever it takes to make it up to her but she says that's impossible. JR begs her to trust him, that he will never tell David the truth about Oliver being his son. She retorts that he will keep her secret as long as she doesn't tell anyone about his steroid use. JR says he will hire surveillance and security to help her keep the secret and begs her to reconsider, but she says she has to think about it.

Lea and Zach leave the coffee shop. She is upset, saying that Zach holds her responsible for Jesse's situation. Zach says he isn't happy about what she did and doesn't know what to do about the situation between them. She says she doesn't want him to walk her home and finally asks Zach what he wants from her. He kisses her. She kisses him back. He then steps back and tells Lea that is what he has wanted. Zach says he know she'll say he's not ready, but he knows that's what she wants too. She is stunned. He says he will walk her home or follow her home in the car, either way. She nods and they walk off.

Pete and Celia are close to kissing, but Pete gets up and says he needs to get her back to her dorm. Celia stops him and asks if that's what he really wants, and he sits back down. They kiss, then Opal knocks on the door. He tries to get her to leave but she persists. Pete opens the door as Opal asks how the date went. He steps back and Opal sees Celia, then gets a vision of the little girl. She is visibly shaken. She says she's fine and says she notices the scent of skunk. Pete tells her that a skunk made its way into Jane's and they got sprayed. Opal decides to leave, then the couple continues their kissing.

Colby is at home and JR comes in. She notices his good mood and asks if he has figured out who sabotaged his reel. He says he hasn't but that things are just going well. Colby asks how he could be in a good mood after he blew up at the gala and Adam reprimanded him. JR says he's being optimistic. Colby says it doesn't seem like JR is working on getting Brooke out and those two back in the business. JR says he needs to prove that Brooke tampered with the reel but Colby points out that Brooke doesn't do things like that. It's not her style, especially when trying to keep Adam. JR tries to figure out who else could have done it especially since so many in the town hate him. He suddenly realizes it was probably David and Colby agrees that it's just David's style.

Pete says he needs to take Celia home, as they dance. She says the night was so perfect she doesn't want it to end. Pete calls Celia perfect.

Zach thinks about kissing Lea as he lies in bed and tries to sleep. He gets up and looks at a picture of Myrtle, remembering when she told him he deserves happiness. Lea knocks on the door.

Joe asks Dixie if she's seen Dr. Anders. He tells her that he's left messages and hasn't heard from him all day. Dixie says she'll keep an eye out. She runs into Cara and asks how JR is doing. Cara tells Dixie to talk to Dr. Anders about it. Dixie asks about his psychological recovery but Cara says she can't discuss mental states. Dixie asks about his behavior at the gala and if she's ever seen him have an outburst like that. Dixie says she is upset about how Adam treated him too. Cara agrees and says they were shocked by what happened and they all assumed he was doing well. Dixie questions her statements and Cara says being unpredictable is to be expected. Dixie says JR has fought his way back from a lot of things and people are being unfair about him. Cara notices that Dixie really believes in him.

JR approaches David at the cafe and accuses him of sabotaging his reel. David laughs it off, saying that people will notice he is not changed, as he claims. He also calls JR paranoid. JR accuses David of setting him up and David says he just gave the investors a place to put their money after JR had his tantrum. David tells JR that people identify the Chandler company with him, a drunk who shot up a family party. He tells JR that people have no confidence in him and like him better in a coma. He warns JR that he will make him pay, especially after he never spent time in prison for killing his daughter. JR tells David to bring it on but David reminds him that he's so cocky that he doesn't realize that he's already lost.

Lea says she came by to talk to Zach, that she didn't sleep at all because of what he said and their kiss. Zach apologizes but she says she was glad about it. She says that he is driving her crazy, that she doesn't know how to act around him. She adds that she wants him to kiss her and not to say good night.

Dixie stops into a restaurant to order a salad and runs into Dr. Anders sitting at a bar. She tells him that Joe has been looking for him and that he's worried about him. Anders doesn't look well and Dixie asks if he's okay, if he wants to talk. Anders says no. Dixie says she was offering as a friend but Anders snaps that they aren't friends, they are colleagues. Dixie apologizes for bothering him and starts to walk away. He blurts out if she knows what today is, but reminds himself that nobody knows or cares. Dixie asks him to tell her. Anders says that people always tell him that time makes things better but they're wrong, they're all liars. He gets up to walk out while Dixie looks on, concerned. She asks the waiter how much Anders had to drink. The waiter tells her he had just one but didn't drink it, just sat and stared at it for a long time. Anders sits outside on a bench, looking upset, when he takes out his phone and looks at the woman's picture.

Carmen looks at Oliver's release papers as Cara asks how he is. Carmen says things are good and someone has paid his bill, JR Chandler. David wheels Oliver out of his room and has given him a book. He offers to drive them home but Carmen says they have a car provided by the Chandlers. Oliver asks if he will come and visit. David says he would like that. Carmen thanks him for everything. Cara watches it all in the background. Carmen leaves with Oliver and David says he will miss him to nobody in particular. Cara pretends as if she weren't paying attention and says he seems like a good boy. David observes that he feels very connected to Oliver as Cara looks nervous. David asks her if she ever wonders what their child would have been like. Cara asks why he is doing this and he says he's not sure he can ever forgive her for what she did to their child. Cara watches guiltily as he walks away.

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