AMC Update Monday 8/26/13 Ep. 41

All My Children Update Monday 8/26/13 Ep. 41
Aired on OWN on 9/18/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

A hung-over Jesse meets with Zach at the coffee shop. Jesse chokes down a drink to help his hangover while Zach looks on. Zach tells Jesse that he knows that it's hard to lose your job, but that his family needs him right now. Jesse vows to hunt down Yuri and make him pay for what he did to Cassandra.

Pete packs a picnic basket for his date with Celia. Opal arrives with dessert. Pete tells her about the date, that they are going on a sunset cruise.

Evelyn shows Celia a shopping bag that was just delivered for her. Celia opens the card and sees it's from Pete. Evelyn is a little surprised that Pete seems to be dressing her now. Celia thinks it's sweet and opens the box.

Pete gets ready to leave for the date, while his mother asks about the date. He tells her they're going to Jane's later and that it's a big surprise. Pete goes to leave the condo but Opal makes an excuse to stay behind and calls Colby. They arrange to meet later and ruin Pete and Celia's date.

AJ and Miranda talk about JR's drug problem. Heather arrives and invites them to go to a waterpark but Miranda says she's not in the mood. AJ tells Heather to go grab some water while he talks to Miranda. He wants to know what's wrong, but she says she has some errands to do. He asks if she's sure she doesn't want to go, but she says everything's fine plus she is going to go see Zach.

Jesse leaves Zach at the cafe and Lea walks in. She asks if Jesse will be okay and Zach asks if she feels guilty for ruining his life. Lea says they don't agree on the Jesse issue and Zach says they don't agree on much of anything.

Jesse runs into a thug named Skelly, who makes a comment about how Jesse is not the chief anymore. Jesse shoves him against a wall and warns the man that the police are still watching him, saying that he doesn't have to follow the rules now that he is not chief anymore.

Dixie runs into Colby at the mansion and asks if she's seen JR. Colby says no and Dixie says she's concerned about JR's inappropriate behavior at the gala. Colby says Brooke deserved what JR said, that Dixie should stop playing therapist. Dixie says she's just a concerned mother. Colby then inquires about Celia and notes that she saw she and Dixie looking very intense earlier. Dixie says that Celia just volunteers at the Miranda Center.

Colby asks if everything's alright, which Dixie confirms. Colby adds that Celia is naive concerning men to which Dixie excuses herself quickly to go have dinner with Opal.

Celia tries on the outfit that Pete sent over for her. Pete walks in and says she looks great. They agree that they are both excited for the date and Evelyn reminds them of the curfew. They leave after Pete opens the window, just in case they miss curfew.

Jesse apologizes to Angie for getting drunk and for the altercation with David the night before. He says he saw Angie and David dancing and it made him jealous. Angie says they need to focus on Cassandra right now. They decide to tell Cassandra about Jesse losing his job after she gets home from the hospital.

Miranda and Zach go shopping. He buys her a pair of sunglasses in exchange for going apartment hunting with him. She says she's happy that Zach decided to stay in town but she wishes that he and Kendall were still together. He says he misses being a family, but that things don't work out sometimes. Miranda asks why he is really staying in town, like maybe Lea? Zach says he is only sticking around for his niece, especially with Bianca gone. Miranda says she is worried that Bianca might not be coming back but Zach says not to lose hope, she will. AJ and Heather arrive after a trip to the waterpark. They tell Miranda that it was great, but run off to catch a bus. Zach asks if Miranda talked to AJ but she says no, she meant to but he was kissing Heather. She says it's tough to live with him, especially with Heather around so much. She asks if she can come and stay at Zach's place sometimes and Zach says yes.

Colby and Opal dress in black and get ready to sabotage Pete and Celia's date. Opal shows Colby the Dramamine she brought and says she hopes Celia is not good on the water. Colby says if they would just damage the engine it would ensure the date be a flop. Opal says she doesn't want them to get hurt, just the date to be ruined. Colby says she and Pete are a better match. Opal says they could be a good casual fling but that's it. Colby asks if Opal will be sabotaging their relationship when they get together but Opal says he has grown up and is over his feelings toward Colby. Colby says he might just remember how he felt when he was young and end up with her.

Cassandra returns home with Jesse and Angie. Cassandra goes to lie down and Angie tells Jesse she is still worried about her daughter. Jesse reassures her that she will be okay and Angie asks about telling Cassandra that he lost his job.

Pete thanks Jane for the use of the cafe for his date. Celia comes out in a new outfit and Pete turns on some twinkly lights in the cafe. They sit at a romantic table and he turns on some music. He quotes from Lady and the Tramp and Celia comments how much he has remembered about her favorite romantic movie. He tells her he remembers everything they've talked about.

Miranda walks in on Heather and AJ kissing. Heather rushes off to get home in time for curfew. Miranda asks AJ about their date. He says they had a good time and asks how her day with Zach was. She says they looked for apartments and says she might move in with him. AJ is shocked and asks if they will still hang out. She says of course they will.

Pete and Celia enjoy their date and dance, while Colby and Opal sneak up outside the cafe.

Colby puts an open box in the doorway and sneaks off. Celia asks Pete if he is tickling her foot but he says no. They look down and Celia has been sprayed by a skunk. Opal and Colby run off.

Jesse installs a lock on their door, saying Yuri is still out there and he doesn't want to take any chances. He tells Angie that he will protect Cassandra. He tells Angie that it could be a blessing in disguise that he is no longer chief, but Cassandra interrupts and asks what happened. He explains that Yuri blackmailed him into framing Zach. Cassandra is upset and blames herself for everything that happened. Jesse says he would do it all again to bring her home. He tells her nothing is more important to him than his family, even his job. Angie says the most important thing is that they're all together and will get through it. Jesse hugs them but looks concerned.

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