AMC Update Monday 8/19/13 Ep. 40

All My Children Update Monday 8/19/13 Ep. 40
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Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Pete shows Jane his plans for his date with Celia, asking if she can help pull it off. Jane is impressed by his romantic side and says yes. Pete says Celia is a special girl and she's worth it.

In the meantime, Opal sits at a table across the cafe and takes a sneaking look at Pete's phone. The picture of Celia turns into a little girl, then a bloody image to Opal. She looks shocked.

Pete returns to the table and asks his mother if she is okay. Opal responds that is just hot in there, but Pete disagrees. He asks what is wrong and she says that it's not a good idea to put so much energy into a date with a girl who doesn't seem to be interested. Pete says the date cost someone ten grand and he's going to show Celia a good time. Opal starts to tell Pete something, then stops and just tells him to be careful. He asks why and she responds that he should be careful not to get his heart broken. She says he might regret it for the rest of his life, looking very cryptic. Then she says she hopes it all works out for him.

David visits Oliver, who has just had a bad dream. David gives Oliver a stuffed animal, but Oliver asks to see his mom. Cara, who is watching, starts to go into the room but Joe stops her.

JR stares out the window as Colby prattles on about how Adam ignored her. She adds that it's all Brooke's fault - that she turned their dad against his family. She says Brooke will take all the inheritance too, then she approaches JR to ask if he's listening and turns him around. He has an eerie look on his face when he declares that he has been through hell and isn't going to let Brooke ruin things for him.

Brooke confronts JR about the things he said at the party. He tells her it looks like it was all set up: the way Adam suddenly showed up and how Brooke had a backup video. Brooke defends herself saying she had no idea Adam was coming home. JR tells Brooke that his video was sabotaged, that he talked to the tech right before it was shown and failed. Brooke calls JR paranoid and says she would never risk losing investors just to make JR look bad. She tells him that he needs therapy if that's what he thinks. JR tells her to get her hands off the family's business. Dimitri interrupts and tells JR to calm down. JR asks if his father knows how much time Brooke and Dimitri are spending together. Brooke steps away with a guilty look. Dimitri retorts, saying that JR can try and pull them down all he wants. JR says they're doing a great job of that on their own. He leaves the two alone.

Cara tells Joe that maybe she should just tell David the truth, after seeing David and Oliver together. Joe reminds her that she kept this secret for a reason and asks if anything has changed. Cara says no, but she's not sure. She says David looks like he could be a good father. Joe tells her that David has extreme behavior - one day he is loving and the next he is not. Cara asks if this might really be who David is - a good father. Joe reminds her that she didn't make the decision about keeping Oliver a secretly lightly. She agrees, saying that it was the hardest decision she ever had to make, that when she gave birth she wanted to tell David. But after what happened at the Chandler mansion, shooting JR, proved to her what a monster David could be. She didn't want to expose her son to someone like that. Joe agrees that she did weigh the options carefully and she should remember that before she takes a step that she can't undo.

Dixie asks Cara about the visions and dreams she's been having. Celia tells her that they are mostly about this man and she seems him everywhere - awake and asleep, even in her room. She tells Dixie she's afraid she might be losing it. In the meantime, Colby walks by and hears part of the conversation. Dixie reassures Celia that she's not crazy and that she can help Celia. Colby hears it all and smiles in the shadows.

Joe talks to Oliver's grandmother Carmen about Oliver's diagnosis, while David and Cara watch. David chimes in, saying Dr. Anders ordered more tests and asks why Cara is there. Cara says she saw Carmen and wanted to talk about JR's diet and recovery. David gloats about JR's behavior at the gala and Joe takes Cara off to have a discussion.

Joe tells Cara she has got to be more careful about things. He points out that there is a questionable prescription on a patient's record for steroids. Joe says someone must have gotten her prescription pad but she claims to be very careful about those things. Joe says he will have the pharmacy flag the prescription and try to catch who wrote it.

Opal and Jane chat about Pete and his date with Celia. Jane says that Pete is falling for Celia but Opal says he's too busy with his business. Colby walks in and overhears, orders a latte and sits at Opal's table. She tells Opal that she wants to plan on making Pete and Celia's date a failure.

Dixie offers to counsel Celia and assures her that the cost is covered and it's confidential.

JR shows up at the hospital to ask Cara about Oliver's condition. She brushes him off and he wonders if she is upset about the kiss, but she says no. She confronts him about his anger lately and the way he's been overreacting so much. JR claims it's just the way his life is going but she doesn't buy it. She tells him she's been on edge too, about Oliver and some other things. Then she tells JR that Joe came to her about someone stealing her prescription pad. She tells JR that she has added it all up: his mood swings, his quick recovery, leaving her purse out while they have lunch and says she knows it was him who stole the pad. Cara tells JR she thought they could be more than friends at one point but he has violated her trust. She walks out.

Colby follows Opal out of the cafe and says they have a similar interest. She tells Opal she knows that she doesn't want Pete to date Celia either, but Opal denies it. Colby asks Opal if she has noticed something is not right about Celia and Opal agrees that she's been getting a bad vibe about her. Colby asks if Opal is up for doing something sneaky to sabotage the date. Opal tells Colby that Pete is not going to dump Celia for her, but Colby claims to be an old friend who is worried about him. Opal asks Colby what she's thinking.

Evelyn asks Celia where she's been and Celia claims to have been at the station. Evelyn says that she called the station and they said Celia wasn't there, but the girl claims to be doing errands for Dimitri. Celia rushes off to the library, while Evelyn calls someone. She tells the person that Celia claimed to be at the station but they both know it wasn't true.

David visits Pete with good news. Thanks to JR's meltdown at the party, two investors are thinking about pulling their money from Chandler's venture and are looking for a place to invest. They have agreed to listen to David and Pete's pitch. They are excited but Pete thinks it's all too convenient.

Brooke decides to give the necklace back to Dimitri, but he tells her it was a gift. She says she can't accept it because she is committed to Adam. Dimitri says he wasn't intending on coming between them and he was wrong to cross the line. He also tells Brooke about the two investors thinking about pulling their support of Chandler and considering investing with Pete and David's venture: Cortech. Brooke says it may be partially because of JR sabotaging things.

JR apologizes to Cara and admits to screwing up. Cara reminds him that he is endangering her medical career and that she should tell Joe he was the one who stole the pad. JR says he knows she won't do that, because they trust each other still. Cara questions his statement and he says she is still trusting him with the secret about her son Oliver. He says he knows they will both keep each other's secrets. Cara looks shocked.

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