AMC Update Monday 8/19/13 Ep. 39

All My Children Update Monday 8/19/13 Ep. 39
Aired on OWN on 9/16/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

David brings Oliver and his grandmother into the emergency room. The little boy apparently has had a seizure. David orders some tests for him but Oliver tells him that he is scared. David reassures Oliver that he will be right there by his side. While the grandmother watches, David tells Oliver how he, as a little boy, used to pretend he was a brave super hero whenever he had to go to the doctor. He asks Oliver if he can do the same.

Dimitri tells Brooke that he has salvaged the relationship with one of their investors. Apparently the man had just returned from Budapest, which worked in Dimitri's favor. The investor also convinced the others to stay on board as well. An assistant comes in and presents Brooke with the necklace she was eyeing from the silent auction. She didn't bid on it, but figures it was Adam who bought it because he knows her so well. Dimitri looks on.

Dr. Anders finds Dixie sitting alone on a park bench. He asks what she is doing, then decides he should just leave her alone. She asks him to stay, that she could use the company. He sits. She asks Dr. Anders if he ever wished on a star. He says no. She says she does with Tad, that she misses him and needs his help with JR. Dr. Anders says he knows the feeling. She asks if there's anything wrong, but he backs off and says it was just speculation. Dixie asks about the picture on the phone but his phone rings. He says it's the hospital and Dixie says she'll go with him to check on Cassandra. Dixie reminds him that he can talk to her anytime, as a friend.

Heather and Celia chat about the evening in Celia's room. Heather praises Celia for standing up to Colby when she threw pie on her dress. Then Heather talks about how surprised Colby looked when Celia won the date with Pete. Celia still contends she doesn't know who placed the bid and tells Heather that Pete said he would match the bid even if she doesn't go out with him just so that she wouldn't feel pressured. Heather tells Celia she should give Pete another chance.

JR finds Colby crying at an empty table after the gala. She asks how things went with Adam. He says that it was the same old Adam, treating him badly. Colby is upset that Adam didn't even acknowledge her. She says she used to be the favorite but JR says she was lucky she didn't get ripped apart by their father. Colby says it's her fault but JR says it's just Adam and the way he's always been. Colby says none of it matters, even though a father/daughter relationship sets the pattern for a girl's life.

Dimitri invites Brooke to have a nightcap but she declines, saying they have an early morning. He tells her they've done enough work but Brooke says they have to calm some nerves after the near disaster. Adam texts her and says he never bid on any necklace for her. Brooke is touched to discover that Dimitri had bought the necklace for her. She asks him why he didn't say anything, but he says it didn't matter, as long as she had it. He puts the necklace on her and says it's perfect. JR almost walks in as they share a moment and almost kiss, but Brooke stops and says she loves Adam.

Celia asks Heather about she and AJ. Heather tells Celia that he looked hot in his suit but was even hotter when he faced down Hunter. She tells Celia that she kissed AJ. Heather says it was all perfect with AJ and that even Miranda says she is fine with their relationship.

JR goes in to say goodnight to AJ, but AJ is upset about the way JR acted with Brooke over the video. JR tries to explain. AJ says he felt like he did as a little kid when JR got angry. AJ says that JR claims to be changed but he really isn't. JR throws his jacket on the bed and says he has changed, but AJ notices a syringe that fell out of his pocket. AJ figures out that the rage JR has shown is from steroids, then adds up that JR stole the steroids from his own son and then lied about it. AJ calls JR an addict and says that Adam has a right to treat him badly, since he is such a bad person. JR says he tried to change but nobody will let him.

Cara runs into the emergency room and sees David caring for Oliver. Her mother stops her and drags her off. David reassures Oliver that he will be by his side. Cara asks her mother what David is doing with Oliver. Her mother tells David that he is the one who saved Oliver. She says he was downstairs in the parlor and David found him after he had a seizure. Cara says she should've been there. Her mother tells her that Oliver wanted David by his side. Cara says that Oliver senses the connection with his father and she should tell him. She says her son needs his father to be there, unlike her father was. Her mother says she has to keep Oliver a secret or David will take him away from her. Cara swears he will never get her son.

AJ tells JR to leave but JR says he has been trying to be a better person since he came out of the coma. He says everyone just expects him to be the old "screw up" JR and nobody gives him a chance. AJ says everyone knows that JR murdered Marissa but JR says he doesn't deserve to be shut out. JR says he only took steroids to speed up his recovery. AJ says he sounds like all the other users in baseball who are cheaters like him. JR says he was humiliated in the early stages of recovery, that even Brooke wouldn't have given him a chance in that state. He tells AJ that he worked hard on the video but someone sabotaged it. AJ doesn't buy it. JR blames it on Brooke, that she would lose her power if he was allowed a chance back into the company. AJ tells JR that he is out of the company for good this time. JR begs AJ not to tell anyone about the steroid use, that he plans on stopping. He tells AJ that he loves him, but AJ doesn't believe him. He tells his dad that he doesn't need his acceptance, unlike him, calls him a junkie and wants him to get out of his life.

David tells Oliver that he is proud of him after the tests. Dixie greets Cara, who is peering at Oliver but claims she is at the hospital to see a cancer patient. Dixie asks if Cara knows Oliver, that he is the grandson of the Chandler cook. She asks if Cara wants to go in and say hello, she must know him right? Cara says no, that his grandmother is in there with him. Dixie says yes, and that David is in there too. She mentions what a good doctor he is, plus he is really good with kids, almost like a father. Cara looks panicked.

Celia has a nightmare about the same man reaching for her, with visions of a skeleton. She bolts upright out of bed, out of breath.

Oliver's grandmother, Dr. Anders and David come out of Oliver's room and talk about the diagnosis. She says David can call her Abuela and he says Oliver's parents should be very proud of him. Dr. Anders says that Oliver must have a peanut allergy, that Oliver said he had some peanut candy at the party. David says they are his favorite candy too. Dr. Anders says they need more tests. In the meantime, they should have him avoid peanuts and carry an Epipen. Abuela doesn't understand but David explains it to her in Spanish. Cara sneaks into Oliver's room and shuts the curtains. She cries, saying she wishes she were there when he had his scare. Then she asks how he likes David. She says she can't stay but that she loves him. She leaves but notices David walking into Oliver's room.

Celia sits up in bed, looks at a business card and calls someone. At the same time, Dr. Anders looks at the woman's picture on his phone. Dixie notices.

Music plays during a montage of different characters: Cara watches as David plays with Oliver. Colby cries in her bed, while Brooke looks at a photo of Adam, but thinks about Dimitri and the necklace. Dimitri watches her. AJ thinks about his dad, while JR notices the flowers Adam sent Brooke. He reads the card from Adam and crushes it in his hand.

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