AMC Update Monday 8/12/13 Ep. 38

All My Children Update Monday 8/12/13 Ep. 38
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Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Jesse remains at the bar while Lea comes up and says Hi. She assumed he would be at the gala, but he's not. She tells Jesse she knows how much it meant for him to be Police Chief. Jesse tells her to back off and leaves.

Joe, Angie, and Opal discuss JR’s antics at the gala, wondering if he was back drinking again. Angie says it was out of line for him to yell at Brooke the way he did.

An investor tells Brooke that if he’d known that JR was involved in the debut of Chandler Media, he wouldn’t have been a part of it. Brooke and Dimitri try to calm him down, saying they just gave the video project to JR as a token, since he is family. They say that’s why they made a backup reel and they will show it to the investor in the library if he wants.

Dr. Anders runs into Dixie at the gala, saying he is on call but Joe asked him to show up for a while. He congratulates Dixie on her being named the head of the Miranda Center. Dixie thanks him but says she is waiting for him to say she is making a mistake, that she won’t have time for her work at the hospital. He is shocked that she thinks he is such a mean guy. Dixie tells him to prove it and he compliments her dress, while she says it’s nice to see him outside of work. They agree that it will be nice to get to know each other away from the hospital.

Brooke interrupts them and Dr. Anders leaves. Brooke tells Dixie how upset she is over how JR acted earlier, that the investors are concerned. Dixie says she is more worried about her son, and that he has been in a side room for a really long time with Adam. Dixie criticizes Adam for his behavior as well, that he is lacking compassion for his own son. Brooke defends Adam and says JR is getting what he deserves considering how he acted. Reporters arrive to question Brooke about JR’s behavior. She says she has no comment about the issue.

David and Cara chat about JR’s behavior as well, with David slamming JR for losing his temper so quickly. Cara comments that she has been working closely on JR’s recovery with him and he has never had an issue before. David says that JR is the same guy he’s always been, volatile and quick to anger. Cara thanks David for showing her that he is the same guy he always has been, that she originally thought she saw the man she used to care about but he shown her she was wrong.

Celia tells Pete that people are starting to leave, that someone has to get things going again. Pete rushes to Opal and tells her to announce the beginning of a dance contest.

Cara, Dixie and Brooke wait for JR and Adam to emerge from the study. JR comes out and tells Brooke and Dixie that Adam wants to speak with them. The two exit, while Cara stops JR and suggests they leave. JR tells Cara that his father called him a failure and an embarrassment to the family.

Adam tells Brooke that he has dealt with JR and that he won’t be a problem anymore. Brooke is relieved. Brooke and Adam have a touching moment during which she tells him she wishes he could stay and can’t wait for him to be able to be home with her. They kiss and hug, while Dimitri looks on from behind a curtain.

AJ and Miranda talk in his room. AJ tells her he hated to watch his dad lose it again, that he has memories of his dad getting angry when he was a little kid. Miranda says his dad is a good guy and AJ just needs some patience. AJ says that JR told him that tonight would be a new beginning for them, but as usual, his dad disappointed him again. AJ tells Miranda that she is the only one that doesn’t disappoint him. Miranda quickly gets up to change the subject and AJ asks her what’s wrong. He says every time they get close and have a conversation, she bails on him. Miranda says it is obvious to her that he doesn’t want her around. He stops her and says that she is his best friend, that he always wants her around. He starts to say he loves her but stops. Miranda asks him what he was going to say, and AJ says he just wants to know what is up with her. They get close, face to face, but Heather barges into the room. It is obvious to Heather that something is going on, but she gets no answer and suggests they join go dance.

Colby comes in, asking Brooke what happened to Adam. Brooke tells her that Adam is off to catch a plane and he probably didn’t want to interrupt her and David. Brooke and Dimitri leave the room, as Colby is left looking at photos of her and Adam.

JR vents to Cara, that nobody believes in him. Cara says it takes a while for people to trust you but JR says Brooke has never had confidence in him. Cara tells him that he handled the situation with Brooke poorly. JR asks if he was supposed to just sit and take it from her. Cara asks what his problem is, why he would sabotage himself when he has been doing so well. JR turns on her, saying she is a fake, pretending to care for and support him, when all she really wants is someone to hide her son. He walks off.

Brooke thanks everyone at the gala for coming out and supporting the Miranda Center. She introduces Dixie as the new head of the center. Dixie speaks and talks about the dedication of its founder, Bianca. Opal kicks off the music again, as AJ and Heather dance together. AJ looks over at Miranda, who has chosen to dance with Zach.

Angie is upstairs at the mansion and runs into Oliver. They introduce each other and Oliver says the party is too loud to sleep. Angie offers to tuck him in.

Brooke and Dimitri dance and declare the event a success. She starts talking business but Dimitri stops her, saying they should stop talking shop and enjoy the rest of the night.

Dr. Anders approaches an upset-looking Dixie and asks what is wrong. She says she is worried about JR, that he has issues. She said he had problems before the shooting and was hoping after the coma, he would’ve changed. She says it’s obvious he hasn’t.

David stops Angie as she crosses the dance floor, wondering where she’s been. She tells him that she read a bedtime story to a cute little boy upstairs named Oliver, whose grandmother is the Chandler cook. He asks Angie for a dance but she refuses. He says he will bid on everything on the silent auction if she consents to a dance, then he’ll drive her home. She accepts the invitation. Angie and David dance, as a drunk Jesse stumbles into the gala.

Jesse approaches David and tells him to back off of his wife. David says he is ungrateful, that he saved Cassandra’s life not to mention restoring Angie’s sight. David points out that he is there more often for Jesse’s family than he is. Jesse is livid and grabs David’s lapels. The two struggle until some men drag Jesse off. David stops Angie as she starts to leave and offers to take her home. Angie tells him it’s not a good idea and goes after Jesse.

Oliver comes down into the living room and grabs some candy. Cara’s mother runs through the gala, where Opal stops her to say hello. She recognizes her from Tad and Cara’s wedding. But Cara’s mother denies knowing her and runs off, looking for Oliver.

Colby tries to get David to continue the evening but he stops her and says no. He tells her she should go and talk to Pete. Colby approaches while Celia is starting to clean up and says she wants to help too. She picks up a piece of pie and shoves it into Celia’s chest on her dress. Then Colby grabs a pitcher of water to try and help Celia clean up, but Celia grabs the water and dumps it over Colby’s head.

David enters the living room and finds Oliver on the floor. It looks as if there is something wrong with the boy and David starts to help.

JR talks to Cara, apologizing and saying she is the last person he should turn against. Cara asks how he could treat her that way, after how she has defended him and been there for him. He apologizes and says she is his only true friend. She says that he can count on her. JR says he is surprised that she hasn’t walked away and Cara says she doesn’t want to. He kisses her but she says no and walks away.

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