AMC Update Monday 8/12/13 Ep. 37

All My Children Update Monday 8/12/13 Ep. 37
Aired on OWN on 9/11/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Celia and Pete discuss who could have made the large donation of $10,000 to win the date with Pete, the bachelor. Celia asks Pete if he made the bid, but he says he didn't, although he would like to take credit for the idea. She then asks if he would be happier if Colby would have had the winning bid, but Pete reminds her that he doesn't like Colby, he likes Celia. She blushes while he says that whoever made the winning bid for her has his eternal gratitude.

Zach takes pictures of Miranda at the gala, showing her the pictures on his phone and wondering where this "grown up" Miranda came from. He asks her how many hearts she's broken and she laughs. Heather and AJ show up and drag Miranda out onto the dance floor while Zach looks on.

Pete and Celia discuss what to do on their date, when Colby interrupts and asks Pete to dance with her. He tries to beg off, saying he wants to finish his conversation but she drags him off. Pete tells Colby she has to stop all the games but she acts innocent, saying that if she really wanted his heart, she could get it without his even knowing.

A reporter questions Angie about Jesse's resignation and the obstruction of justice charges as she arrives at the gala. Joe comes to defend her and chases the reporter off. She thanks him and he tells her that she didn't have to come under the circumstances. Angie says she came because she wanted to support Dixie. She starts having second thoughts about going into the gala, but Joe reminds her that everyone in there supports her and Jesse.

Jesse has a drink at a bar and the bartender calls him "Chief". Jesse tells him that he can't be called that anymore. The bartender says he knows and asks what his plans are. Jesse says he doesn't know about his future, but plans to drink tonight.

Dixie notices David staring at Angie and tells him to back off. She knows that Angie is his "latest project". Dixie tells him that he has no chance - that Jesse and Angie are a solid couple and have had enough trouble lately. David tells Dixie to mind her own business, that they can't be so solid if Jesse hasn't been around much to support his wife.

Colby enters the family room where Opal is eating and Evelyn and Celia are chatting. Colby points out that Pete has learned some new moves on the dance floor. Opal retorts, saying obviously Colby has too. Colby says it's nice to spend time with an old friend without having to buy him as a date. Celia asks why she wanted to win the date if that's how she feels. Colby says it was her duty as the event planner to raise the bidding, especially since it was for charity. Colby points out that she couldn't get a bid in at all since Opal was ignoring her. Opal tells her that she did it for Colby's own good, since she has been in financial straits lately. Colby asks Celia who placed the winning bid for her and Celia says she has no idea. Opal says that if Celia doesn't want to go, they can transfer the bid to someone who does. Evelyn tells them both to butt out, but Opal says there are plenty of girls who would love to go on a date with Pete if Celia doesn't want to go. Celia leaves the room.

AJ notices Hunter drinking other people's drinks. Hunter threatens Miranda if AJ tells anyone. AJ threatens Hunter if he hurts Miranda. The two are face to face, read to fight, when JR tells Hunter to shut up and be polite. Hunter turns on JR and calls him a zombie, after being shot and recovering. JR tells him to leave AJ alone. Hunter walks off. JR says Hunter's parents are big donors, otherwise he would have Hunter thrown out. AJ tells JR that Hunter makes him crazy and realizes that JR has a lot riding on the presentation.

Billy Clyde shows up at the bar and greets Jesse, saying he had heard about Jesse losing his job. He asks if it was because of Jesse trying to protect his daughter and Jesse verifies his assumption. Billy Clyde offers to help in any way he can. Jesse ponders the idea.

David comes up on Angie as she gazes into the dancing crowd. He points out what a shame it is that there are all these gorgeous, young people enjoying their night while Cassandra and Angie are trying to piece together their lives again. Angie observes that he read her mind and that she can't wait for the day when Cassandra is able to enjoy her life again. David says he has something to tell Angie but Joe interrupts and takes her off to the buffet. Dixie glares at David from across the dance floor.

Zach comes up and chats with AJ. AJ calls him a hero for bringing Miranda's shoes that she left at Jane's. Zach tells AJ he has to understand the importance of shoes to a woman. AJ says the shoes don't matter because Miranda is the prettiest girl there. Heather and Miranda question Celia about who made the winning bid for her. She says she has no idea, but Heather says whoever it is obviously knows that Celia likes Pete a lot. Celia says she's not sure she is going to go on the date, but Heather and Miranda say she should go for it if she likes Pete.

Billy Clyde offers to buy Jesse a drink but he refuses. Billy Clyde then offers to have his chauffeur drive Jesse home. Jesse asks him how he can afford having a chauffeur and Billy Clyde tells him he has won the lottery. Jesse tells Billy Clyde that he plans to drink some more and will take a cab home. Billy Clyde tells Jesse to have faith because God works in mysterious ways.

David follows Angie to apologize to her. He tells her that he ran into Jesse at their home and they had an argument. He says he chided Jesse for not being there for his family and accidentally let it slip that Cassandra had an abortion. He tells Angie he thought Jesse knew about it. Angie says she wondered how he found out about it, that he should have known. Angie tells David that she went to the courthouse to support her husband when her daughter really needed her. David tells Angie not to blame herself.

Cara and JR are upstairs checking on Oliver. He tells her it's almost time for the presentation and tells her to meet him downstairs. She goes downstairs and runs into Dixie, who thanks Cara for all that she's done for JR. Cara remarks what a great patient JR is, then she asks Dixie if Tad has heard about JR being out of the coma. Dixie says no, she hasn't been able to get a hold of him. Cara offers her support, if Dixie ever needs it. Dixie thanks her and says if Tad loved her at one time, she must be a special person. Dixie goes upstairs. Meanwhile, JR shoots up some more steroids.

Zach asks Miranda about AJ and Heather's relationship. She tells him they've gone out a couple of times but she's not sure if it's serious. Zach asks if Miranda is going to tell AJ about her feelings toward him. She plays dumb at first, but then asks if her feelings are that obvious. Zach says they've been good friends for a long time and she should give AJ a chance with her heart. He tells Miranda he wants her to be happy and Miranda contemplates talking to AJ about her feelings.

Brooke greets her guests at the gala and thanks everyone for the support. She then introduces Jason Derulo. Everyone watches as he performs a song. Heather gets carried away and kisses AJ. Miranda notices them kissing passionately. Brooke then introduces JR's video presentation. The technician tries to play it but the computer reads "File corrupted". Brooke covers, saying there is a backup presentation. JR fumes and berates Brooke, saying she had this planned all along. He says that she never really planned on giving him a chance. From the back of the room, a voice says "Enough" and we see that Adam has returned. He tells JR to meet him in the study while the shocked crowd looks on. Everyone except David, who is smiling.

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