AMC Update Monday 8/5/13 Ep. 36

All My Children Update Monday 8/5/13 Ep. 36
Aired on OWN on 9/10/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

As the gala kicks off, Opal interviews people on the red carpet starting with JR and Cara. She has them both spin and show off for the camera. JR praises Cara's skills as a doctor and therapist concerning his recovery. Cara returns the compliment, saying how far he's come so fast is inspiring.

As Brooke descends from the staircase, Dimitri tells her how great she looks. Brooke says she feels nervous about the event. Dimitri tells her she has nothing to worry about - that it will be a great success. She says that she couldn't have done it without him, then helps him with his cufflinks. Dimitri takes a long, admiring look at Brooke while she does so, and she responds nervously. Some flowers sent by Adam are delivered to Brooke, congratulating her on a successful night and wishing that he could be there. She echoes the sentiment.

Lea holds a gun on Zach in a dark coffee house. He tells her to put the gun away and that he came to get Miranda's shoes. Lea reiterates that breaking and entering is a felony. Zach questions Lea as to why she is there herself and she says there have been a rash of break-ins in the neighborhood. Zach doesn't buy that the FBI would send her to handle something so trivial. He sarcastically says that she will probably arrest him but asks that she let him go deliver the shoes. Lea pulls out her handcuffs and cuffs Zach to a chair.

Opal greets Colby and David on the red carpet, pointing out that David is an ex-convict. She asks why those two are there and Colby replies that it's her family's event. Colby adds that she planned the event and brags that it is a success. She also adds that Jason Derulo is there to perform as well, thanks to her connections. Billy Clyde lurks in the shadows, imagining Opal introducing him as an influential member of Pine Valley society. In the fantasy, Opal says that Billy Clyde reminds her of Palmer. Colby continues talking about the event and the bachelor auction. She says that she will be bidding on him, while Opal asks about her date. She points out that David doesn't handle stress at events like this well. David says that her viewers are probably more interested in his new invention and business venture with Pete. Dimitri wonders what Colby is doing with David. Brooke says she's probably trying to get Adam's attention and when she does, he will be livid.

Opal gushes over Pete as he arrives on the red carpet. She asks him to talk about his business ventures and Pete talks about some job openings coming up. Opal talks about the auction coming up and asks if he has an idea on who might be the high bidder. He has no idea but knows they will have a great time. He moves on as AJ and Heather walk up. Opal gushes over Heather's dress and says they make a great pair. Miranda comes up behind them and, not seeing her, they walk off.

Lea tells Zach that she's wanted to talk to him and he asks her to take off the cuffs so they can talk. As she leans over, they get close and look at each other longingly. Lea steps back and apologizes that she didn't let Zach know about her investigation of Jesse. She says that she and Zach were getting close, she pulled back but now regrets it. She asks Zach for a do-over. Zach tells her they were right to stop, that sometimes even if it feels good it's not right. She says she stopped things because she didn't think Zach was ready. She tells Zach she dropped the charges against Jesse and that should mean something. He agrees but points out that she didn't trust him enough to let him know about the investigation. He adds that it reminds him of the way his ex-wife Kendall acted. He says that Kendall didn't trust him and pushed him away. That was something he didn't like and still doesn't like with anyone. Zach leaves the coffee shop but pauses once he's outside.

Heather and AJ run into Miranda and ask if she's going to enter on the red carpet. She says she hopes to sneak in the back because she doesn't have the right shoes on. AJ asks if she's okay. Entering next on the red carpet Miranda sees Hunter along with his parents. As Opal interviews his father as one of the main investors of the Online Network, Hunter walks over toward AJ, Heather and Miranda. AJ warns him to back off, but Hunter whispers to Miranda that she looks hot. He then returns to his parents. AJ goes to follow and confront him but Miranda stops him.

Brooke admires a necklace in the silent auction and Dimitri puts it on her. She says it would be inappropriate to bid on it and walks off.

Cara returns after checking on Oliver upstairs. JR suggests they have a drink and goes to get it. David approaches Cara.

Colby wishes JR luck with his reel for the gala. JR thanks her but wonders why she showed up with David, saying it was a slap in the face. Brooke walks up and agrees that she's not sure why Colby would come with David either. Colby tells Brooke that she is not her boss and that it's not her business. Brooke reiterates that showing up with David is not good for publicity and doing it to spite her father is poor form. Colby walks off. JR tells Brooke he doesn't trust Colby either.

Colby approaches Pete who is a bit nervous about the auction. She reassures him that he will bring in lots of money and could maybe find his true love. Pete asks Colby about her being there with David and warns her to be careful.

David questions Cara about her seeming nervous. She sputters a bit until JR comes up with her champagne. David needles JR about being off the wagon and JR drinks down the entire drink. David leaves and JR tells Cara it's just soda water. Cara says that David being in the same house as her son is a bad idea. JR tells her that David will not find out about Oliver.

Opal approaches Miranda and insists she walk the red carpet. AJ offers to be "her date" and bring her, but Miranda refuses since he already walked there with Heather. Zach shows up to save the day and bring Miranda's shoes. She changes and they go off to face Opal as Heather calls Zach "hot". Miranda tosses her shoes into the bushes and apparently hits someone with the shoe who is hidden in the bushes. We see that it's Billy Clyde.

Opal introduces Dixie on the red carpet as the new director of the Miranda Center. Billy Clyde smiles in the bushes as Dixie talks about a huge anonymous donation they just received for the center.

Miranda looks on as AJ and Heather dance. Hunter comes up and says it looks like her girlfriend is "batting for the other team", saying she should try it too.

Dimitri and Brooke dance as well, talking about how eager they are to see JR's video. Dimitri asks if she feels guilty making the back-up reel and Brooke says she just hopes they don't need it.

David brings Colby a drink and she says she's wondered where he was and that she was getting lonely. He tells her that they have accomplished what they came to do together -- make waves and get Adam angry -- and that they should cool things down. She says the night is still young but David points out that it is obvious she's interested in someone else. He might be too. They agree to be allies.

With everyone looking on in awe, Celia arrives and walks past a shocked Opal on the red carpet. Opal has a vision of blood on a carpet and a chair falling over, like Celia's visions. Also in awe, Pete spots Celia and approaches her as Opal interrupts and takes him away.

Opal gets onstage to introduce the festivities and has a hard time getting people's attention until she whistles. She then introduces Pete and starts the auction. He describes their night on the town and Opal starts the bidding. Celia looks on as Colby tries to bid along with other women. Opal recognizes everyone else's bidding, except Colby. Colby finally asks David to bid for her. He says that Pete's not his type but she reminds him that they're allies. Evelyn tells Celia that she thinks her guardian would be okay if she made a bid too. Celia tells her that they aren't together any more and walks away. Opal is ready to finish off the auction but Dimitri tells them all he's received a bid by phone of ten thousand dollars. Opal finishes the bidding, with a date with Pete going for ten grand! Dimitri looks at his phone and announces that the winning bid belongs to.....Celia Fitzgerald! Celia is puzzled since she wasn't even bidding. Colby is livid and approaches Celia, saying she doesn't know what she's just done

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