AMC Update Monday 8/5/13 Ep. 35

All My Children Update Monday 8/5/13 Ep. 35
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Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Opal stresses out about getting ready for the gala in time, since there are painters in her condo. She gets ready at Pete's place instead. He tells her she has nothing to worry about, that she'll be great. She tells Pete that this opportunity is huge for her, since everyone else in her life has moved on. He tells his mom that he is her number one fan.

Evelyn enters Celia's room, bringing her dress for the gala. Celia hurries to try it on but finds that it doesn't fit - it is enormous. Evelyn says that it can be fixed in time for the gala. Celia tries to remember the events to figure out how this could have happened.

Colby goes over last minute details for the gala with assistants. She sends them off to work. Cara comes looking for JR. Colby tells her that he has been obsessed over the video he is making for the gala. She tells Cara that she is happy that JR isn't begging with Brooke anymore for a job. Cara tells her to cut him some slack, that he's trying. Colby says that she wishes the old JR was back, that at least he wasn't anybody's doormat. Cara points out that he was in a coma for five years. Colby adds that the old JR would've kicked Brooke out and taken over.

Dimitri notices that Brooke is working on a video - the same as JR's - and points out that she is doing it in case JR screws up. She says that the event is too important to take a chance that JR will let them down. She wants to trust him and tells Dimitri she truly hopes he really comes through.

David runs into AJ and Miranda outside the coffee shop. He asks them if they're going to the gala. They both say yes and ask David if he's going. He confirms that Colby has invited him to go. Miranda asks if it's tough for David to go back since the last party was when his daughter was killed. David says it is hard but he wants to erase all the bad memories while still remembering her. He says the hardest part is that she is dead but JR is still living. AJ tells David that JR has really changed.

Meanwhile, JR shoots up some more steroids.

Dixie comes upon Dr. Anders as he looks at a woman's picture on his phone. She notes that it's the first time she's seen him smile and asks who it is. He changes the subject and points out that she is late. Dixie tells him a session ran long and he lectures her on keeping to a schedule. Dixie tells him that she asked him to meet to talk about Cassandra. He states that there is nothing to talk about since he did the abortion and Cassandra is ready to go home. Dixie contradicts him, saying that she is not emotionally ready to leave. Dr. Anders firmly tells Dixie that Cassandra is ready to go, that it's a hospital and not a retreat. She follows him and says that Cassandra needs more time to recuperate. He agrees but says she needs to do that elsewhere. She hounds him and asks if he has ever had to deal with something this difficult. He snaps and says that he has, that it was very hard and that he had to realize that he couldn't save everyone, but even after
 not saving one person he had to keep trying. Dixie says he saves lives for everyone but himself. She offers to talk with him about it but he leaves.

Miranda and AJ help Jane load desserts she has made into the van for the gala. Lea waits at the bar for an order as Zach walks in the coffee shop. He avoids Lea and goes over to Miranda with her shoes that she left in his car. Lea walks over as Miranda tells her that Zach bought her some great shoes. He tells Miranda to save him a dance. Miranda thanks Lea for giving her the idea of how to do her hair. Lea asks that she send her a picture of it. AJ comes up and asks if Miranda is helping him load the van. Miranda stops for a second while AJ leaves. Zach and Lea ask if she's alright. Miranda says it's hard having a party at the Chandler's without Marissa.

Cara congratulates JR on his great progress as Colby enters with a protein shake for him. She rushes Cara off to show her plans for the gala. JR looks down and notices a prescription pad of Cara's sticking out of her purse. While the two women look at pictures, JR grabs the pad and takes a couple forms off of the pad.

Colby meets Celia outside the coffee shop and asks why she needed to meet her so badly since there's a lot to do. Celia tells Colby that he dress doesn't fit. Colby wonders if Celia just pigged out too much but Celia says it's Colby's fault. Colby says she's been too busy to go to Yvette's store and screw up her dress. Celia tells Colby that she's the one who changed Celia's measurements. Colby denies it but Celia persists and asks why Colby would need to do that, asking if she's jealous about Pete. She tells Colby that Pete swears that he is not dating Colby even though Colby acts like they are. Colby says that Celia broke up with him because she can't handle him. Celia wonders, if she really is dating Pete, why does Colby get so upset whenever he looks at Celia or even talks to her. Colby insists they are still involved, while Pete walks up and wonders what's going on. Colby urges Celia to tell Pete what they're talking about.

Cara asks JR if he would play with Oliver and thanks him again for bringing him back to her. JR tells her that Oliver is a great kid. She asks JR if he thinks she made a mistake lying to David about having an abortion. She says she sees David's sensitivity and that he could be a great father. JR tells Cara not to second guess her decision. He says that David is the same person he was five years ago and is playing her like he did back then.

Opal arrives at the party and chats with Brooke and Dimitri about the job they've asked her to do. She says she'll keep it classy, while at the same time she spies David. She asks Brooke why he is there and Dimitri goes to greet him. David gives Dimitri a donation for the Miranda Center but Dimitri wants to know his motivations. David assures him it is just a donation for a worthy cause. Dimitri says it will be quite a night and says he's sorry that David won't be attending. David assures him that he wouldn't miss such a big event.

David leaves and enters another room where he runs into JR.  David says he hopes that JR will behave at this party, unlike the one five years ago. JR notes that this gala is important for Chandler Media. David points out that JR will come nowhere near the company. David taunts JR about the fact that maybe he's brought a gun to this party. JR grabs David by the lapels, while David points out that he is the same old JR after all, getting upset when he doesn't get what he wants. JR tells him to get out but Brooke comes in looking for the video. She asks if there's a problem and David says they're just reminiscing. He tells Brooke to lock up all her guns.

Miranda and AJ get ready for the gala. He tells her she looks great even though she points out that she forgot her shoes at Jane's. He says nobody will notice her shoes. She tells AJ that he looks great too. Heather swoops in and takes photos of them all. Miranda bows out quickly. Heather asks how she looks and AJ says she looks great too, but turns towards the door where Miranda has just left.

Celia bolts into the coffee shop with Pete right behind her followed by Colby. He asks what's going on and Celia says it's nothing, which Colby confirms. He says he doesn't believe them. Celia tells him that they had a disagreement about the gala. Pete chides Celia, that she shouldn't have just taken off and left him alone. Colby reminds him that she was there. Celia says that there is a lot of pressure surrounding the gala and Colby says that she's responsible. That she shouldn't have hired someone so inexperienced. He says he's sure that it will be a success and leaves them to get ready. Celia questions Colby about her comment that she is responsible for the whole thing. Colby tells her she had to make all the decisions since Brooke is busy playing "Mistress of the Universe" for her family's company.

Colby asks why Celia didn't bring up the dress issue with Pete but Celia says it's not her style. Colby mocks her for being good and Celia says she might be nice but she's not stupid. She knows Colby's game.

David enters as Celia leaves. Colby tells her that Celia is irritating. David warns her not to underestimate the nice ones, that they will bring you down when you're unaware. He asks about JR's video. Colby says that he did it to impress Brooke. David says he just hopes that JR stays away from guns and Colby says JR has changed.

Brooks tells JR she is excited to see the video. He says it will be great and prove he can be an asset to the company.

Evelyn arrives with the repaired dress. She tells Celia that she hopes that she'll have a great night. Celia has a vision of the man, blood on the carpet and the little girl. She falls into Dixie's arms, gasping and crying.

Zach enters a darkened coffee shop and Lea appears, guns drawn.

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