AMC Update Monday 7/29/13 Ep. 34

All My Children Update Monday 7/29/13 Ep. 34
Aired on OWN on 9/5/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Colby and Celia talk about the auction, including what is being auctioned off. Colby asks whether Celia will bid on Pete. Celia says she would rather have a puppy and Colby says Pete is already potty trained and that he can roll over too. Celia tries to leave to do an errand, but Colby offers to drive.

Pete talks to Jane about Celia, saying he still can't get her off his mind. He says he keeps trying but is getting nowhere with her. Jane says Celia was the one who recommended he be the bachelor to be auctioned off - that means she's interested, right? She tells him to keep laying on the charm and he'll win Celia. At the same time, Billy Clyde listens to the conversation. He comes up and introduces himself to Pete, saying he knew Pete's father.

Cassandra tells Angie that she should've been left in the trash bin, that she is trash. Angie tells her to stop talking that way.

David drops in at Jesse and Angie's house to drop off something and runs into Jesse. David says he hopes Jesse has a good attorney to beat the charges, but Jesse tells him the charges have been dropped. David is livid, saying that he serves five years in prison for protecting his daughter, but Jesse gets off because he's such a "good citizen". Jesse tells David to stop hanging around Angie. David says he needs someone she can trust, but Jesse scoffs. David reminds him that he restored Angie's sight, but Jesse points out that he also blackmailed Angie into resigning as Chief of Staff. David talks about how Jesse left for 20 years, got married to someone else and had a child. Jesse defends himself, saying he left to protect Angie and Frankie. David reminds Jesse of what happened when Angie had their baby that died. He says that Jesse lied and substituted another baby for theirs, not being truthful with his own wife. Jesse warns David that he is crossing the line.

David says that Angie is too good for him, that he just keeps screwing up. Jesse reminds David that he has poisoned people, kidnapped them and even shot JR. David says he only regrets that he didn't kill JR, because he was pointing the gun at a roomful of people. Jesse asks David whose finger was on the trigger when his own daughter was shot and David becomes livid. Jesse asks why David even came back to town, since he has no family or friends there. David points out that he is wrong about that. After all, where was Jesse when Angie needed him? Out obstructing justice. Also, where was Jesse when his daughter had an abortion? Jesse is shocked at this news and races out the door.

Angie tries to comfort Cassandra, saying that she supports every decision she makes, no matter what. Dixie comes in and offers to sit with Cassandra while Angie gets a break. Cassandra tells Dixie she thought that having the abortion would help her forget but she still feels dirty and can't forget what happened to her. Dixie gives Cassandra a necklace to remind her that she will get through all of this.

Celia and Colby go back to Celia's room to get some papers. Colby says it must be nice to go to boarding school and tells Celia how she and her mother had to live out of a suitcase for a while. Celia says that Colby at least knows her parents. Colby says she learned how to look after herself but she can't imagine life without her parents. Evelyn comes in to take Celia to get a dress for the gala. Colby offers to take Celia to her own fitting to look for a dress. Evelyn okays it.

Zach and Miranda chat. Zach says she should go with her friends. Miranda says she would be in the way and Zach asks if AJ and Heather are dating. She tells Zach that AJ is taking Heather to the gala, so it looks like they are dating. Zach offers to take Miranda to get a dress.

Dixie says that she tried to get an extra night for Cassandra but she is okayed to leave the hospital. Jesse arrives asking about the abortion. He says it's his fault that his wife was at the bail hearing with him instead. She says not to worry, that they are there for Cassandra now. She is worried because Cassandra thinks that her mother hates her.

Miranda thanks Zach for the dress he bought. He offers to buy her shoes, then Lea walks up. She says hi and asks what the shopping bag is for. Miranda says it's for the gala and Lea says that Miranda is a lucky girl. Zach says he does anything for the people he loves. Miranda sees they want to talk, so she goes to the car. Lea says she needs him to understand why she had to go after Jesse. Zach pointedly says he understands that her job was more important than Jesse and his family.

Angie tells Jesse she hasn't informed Cassandra about his being arrested. He tells her that they have dropped the charges in exchange for him resigning his position as Chief of Police. She says she's sorry and he says the fact that Cassandra is safe is all that matters.

Miranda and Zach stop into the coffee shop. She shows Lea what they bought. Lea asks what Miranda will do with her hair and Miranda gives her ideas.

Billy Clyde and Pete walk and stop to take a rest. Pete asks how he knew Palmer. Billy Clyde tells Pete that they had mutual friends and both enjoyed "the finer things in life." Pete tells him about his business, then about meeting Celia. He tells Billy Clyde that she broke up with him. Billy Clyde tells him that he shouldn't let Celia get away. Pete says that maybe he can talk to her on Pete's behalf, jokingly. He then leaves to take a call.

Celia shows Evelyn the designs of her gala gown, commenting how much fun she and Colby had together. Evelyn warns that she has caused Celia trouble concerning Pete. Celia says it's okay and tells Evelyn the dress is expensive, but does she think the guardian will approve? Evelyn says her guardian will be happy, as long as Celia is.

Colby and the dress designer chat about how beautiful she will look in her gown. Colby thanks her for taking care of Celia, but she will be the only one to notice that evening. The dress designer leaves to get something and Colby. While she is gone, Colby changes Celia's measurements.

Dixie tells Angie to have patience with Cassandra. Angie tells Dixie that Jesse is going to need time and patience too, that he had to resign his position. Angie says she is grateful that everyone is alive and well, but doesn't know how to fix everything that's happened.

Zach and Miranda return from shopping. She thanks him and invites him to come to the gala with her, saying she can't wait to show Bianca the dress. At first, he refuses but she convinces him to go.

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