AMC Update Monday 7/29/13 Ep. 33

All My Children Update Monday 7/29/13 Ep. 33
Aired on OWN on 9/4/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Celia and Heather put up posters about the bachelor auction. Pete says he wants to talk to Celia about details. Celia tries to say she needs to go speak with Colby but Pete says Colby is at the hospital with Cass.

Cassandra pleads with Dr. Anders to get an abortion immediately. Colby steps in and tries to help, saying her father is on the hospital board. He goes to try and schedule the abortion. Cassandra stands firm, that she wants the abortion and Colby vows to stand by her.

AJ gets home and runs upstairs to catch a video game tournament while JR reminds him to buy a suit for the gala. AJ walks in his room to find Miranda playing the guitar and singing. She notices him standing there and stops. He points out that is the song she wrote for him. He asks Miranda to go shopping with him for a suit.

Cara points out an article in the newspaper about Jesse's arrest. JR surmises it must be about Cassandra's kidnapping and Cara agrees that a parent will do the unthinkable for their child.

Zach introduces Jesse's lawyer to Angie before the hearing. Jesse comes into the lobby and tells Angie she should be with Cassandra, but she insists she is supporting her husband.

Dr. Anders enters Cass's hospital room with papers for her to sign for the abortion. She hesitates but eventually signs them and they wheel her off for the procedure while Colby watches. Colby breaks down.

AJ and Miranda talks about musicians they wish they could see. Miranda asks AJ what else he wishes for. He says he wishes he could go back in time before everything was crazy. He asks about her wish and she wishes for a brownie from Jane's.

Pete asks Celia about the date being auctioned off, if it will be in town. He tells her nothing competes with their date in Manhattan. AJ and Miranda walk in and they talk about how brave he is for being the bachelor. Heather walks in after putting up posters and Celia bolts to go put up more. Pete is left there and Heather gives him the tape that Celia will need. He runs out the door after Celia.

JR runs into Colby at the hospital, waiting for Cassandra.

Jesse tells Angie she should be at the hospital with Cassandra instead of with him at the bail hearing. She says that Cassandra is okay without her.

David stops Dr. Anders and tells him that Cassandra should not be having an abortion without her mother by her side. The doctor says it is not his business and that he knows Angie has other things she is worried about right now. David notices Cara at the hospital.

Pete and Celia put up posters for the gala. She goes to leave and Pete asks her to promise to have one dance at the gala with him. She agrees and leaves.

JR asks what is going on with Cassandra. Colby tells him about the kidnapping, rape and pregnancy. She tells him it's been very hard for Cassandra. JR tells Colby that the best she can do right now is be her friend. Colby says she regrets not coming to see him. He says it's okay, that it doesn't matter if she was having fun in Europe or sitting by his bedside. She points out how weird it is that he's back and being nice. JR tells Colby that it means a lot that she knows he is not just acting, that he really has changed. He says a lot of people don't realize his sincerity.

Cara and David talk about everything that Angie is going through. He points out that she must have been feeling the same thing five years ago when she had to make a decision about their baby, with a father like him. Cara says what she went through was nothing like what Cassandra is facing. She says that Cassandra was raped and that she slept with David because she cared about him. She gets paged and before she goes, David says it's nice to know that they both felt the same way about each other. JR interrupts them. David thanks Cara for making things clear and leaves. JR asks what happened and Cara tells him nothing.

Jesse thanks Zach for bailing him out. His attorney and Lena come out of the judge's chambers and he tells Jesse that they have worked out a deal. He says that Lena defended Jesse to the judge. She tells Jesse that the charges will be dropped if he resigns as chief of police.

Heather, Miranda and AJ talk about the gala and decide to buy his suit at a thrift shop. He goes to pay and Heather tells Miranda that AJ has invited her to the gala. Zach comes in and says hi. Miranda and AJ introduce him to Heather and decide to leave and go shopping. Looking rejected, Miranda begs off and stays to chat with Zach. He asks Miranda what's wrong. She says she's fine and asks about Jesse. He tells Miranda that things will work out. She tells Zach that she's happy that he and Jesse worked things out, that she hasn't had many people to talk to lately.

Angie goes to her hospital locker and David comes in. He says he's been looking for her. She says that she was at the bail hearing, that the judge granted bail but that she left after that. David asks if she has spoken with Cassandra or her doctors and she says no. He tells Angie that Cassandra had the abortion. Angie rushes out of the room.

Jesse packs up his office and looks at a picture of Cass and his badge, remembering when he first became chief of police. He leaves his office, with the badge on his desk.

Angie comforts Cassandra as she lies in her hospital bed crying.

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