AMC Update Monday 7/22/13 Ep. 32

All My Children Update Monday 7/22/13 Ep. 32
Aired on OWN on 9/3/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Colby and David chat in bed, when she gets out her phone and tapes a "fake interview with Brooke English" with David.

Pete shows up at the hospital to see Cassandra, but Angie says she's not up for visitors.

Colby and David agree that their relationship is just a "mutually beneficial" one with no expectations. Colby's phone rings and it's Pete. He says it's bad news about Cassandra.

Opal is in the coffee shop, telling Jane about how evil David is, when Brooke stops in. She also tells Jane about how hot Zach is. Brooke asks Opal to stop by the studio later.

David questions why Colby needs to rush out about Cassandra, then offers to take her to the hospital. Colby wants to make a stop first on the way.

Joe arrives at Cortlandt Manor to visit, wondering who is the recent buyer, until Billy Clyde comes in. He tells Joe that he wants to make a charitable donation and inquires about Dixie. He tells Joe it would be an anonymous contribution, to help Dixie and to atone for his sins. Joe questions his motives and mentions Dixie is the new head of the Miranda Center.

Brooke asks Opal to be a red carpet reporter for the gala. Opal is thrilled and runs out to buy a dress.

Colby arrives at the hospital with gifts for Cassandra. It's clear to Colby that Cassandra is really upset and won't speak but she keeps talking to Cassandra about their friendship, trying to cheer her up with makeup and stories. She tells Cassandra that she is her only real friend. Cassandra finally turns over and asks to try the makeup with her.

Joe tells Dixie about the anonymous donation. She tries to get him to tell her who it is and the reason behind it. Joe says it's about atonement. She finally guesses that it's Billy Clyde that made the donation. Joe says he was skeptical at first but now believes that Billy Clyde truly wants to make amends.

Pete sees Opal, who tells her about the job offer from Brooke. He tells his mother about being the bachelor who is auctioned off at the gala. She is happy because she doesn't want him tied down to anyone, especially Colby. He tells her he isn't interested in Colby, it's only one girl for him and she's not interested.

David tells Angie that he supports her, after Jesse is arrested. She tells him that she didn't know what Jesse did. David is upset for her and Angie says she is grateful that she has David to lean on.

Colby finishes putting makeup on Cassandra and shows her a mirror. Cassandra gets upset looking at herself, saying that she is disgusting and that Colby must be disgusted by her. She tells Colby that she was raped and is pregnant. Colby refuses to leave her and stays to support her friend.

Brooke and Dimitri are having coffee while they wait for their flight to Washington DC for work. Brooke goes to the ladies' room and asks Dimitri to watch her phone, which rings with Adam calling. Dimitri answers but Adam hangs up. Brooke returns and sees that Adam has called and Dimitri explains what happened.

Dixie sees Billy Clyde outside at the cafe and gives him an envelope without speaking to him, then goes inside. Billy Clyde opens it and it's a letter thanking him for rescuing AJ during the fight. She comments that she is surprised at his actions but supports the changes in him. She comes out of the cafe and thanks him.

Cassandra and Colby talk about what to do about the baby. Cassandra says she wants to get rid of it but is worried that Angie will be upset. After all, she found Cassandra in a dumpster as a baby. Colby says the choice is hers alone. Cassandra wants to do it right away and Colby vows to never leave her. She goes to find Cassandra's doctor, sees David and throws her arms around him. She tells him nobody should go through what happened to Cassandra.

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