AMC Update Monday 7/22/13 Ep. 31

All My Children Update Monday 7/22/13 Ep. 31
Aired on OWN on 8/29/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

AJ and Miranda have fun in his room hanging out. He mentions what a good mood she is in since she spoke with her mom. She verifies, saying Bianca should be coming home soon. They go off to the beach.

Celia and Pete almost kiss. He tells her that he cares about her and suspects she feels the same. Colby interrupts them, saying she is looking for a bachelor for the charity auction as Pete returns her sunglasses, pointedly saying that she left them when she stopped by this morning. Celia tells Colby that Pete has volunteered to be the bachelor, but he says he will only if he and Celia can talk. Colby drags her off, saying Brooke needs them immediately.

JR shows up at the studio and runs into Brooke. He says he heard that Colby is working on the launch party and says he wants to help too. He suggests a highlight video and Brooke thinks it's a great idea. Dimitri questions Brooke's decision to let JR help out, but she says that Dixie suggested letting him prove himself.

Celia and Colby chat and Celia says that Pete said those two are just friends. Colby says "friends with benefits" but affirms that they aren't dating. She says that she doesn't want a commitment and that Pete is the same. Colby says that he loves the idea of being auctioned off as the bachelor, with women clamoring for him. She suggests that she and Celia make a pact that neither will act like that over Pete.

JR asks the intern, Jay, for some footage for his video but the intern is on the phone. JR rips the phone out of the wall, making sure that Jay knows that he is a Chandler and demands respect. Dimitri see the altercation and suggests JR work at home, then tells Jay to give JR anything he needs to make their lives easier.

AJ and Miranda tan at the beach. He applies lotion to her back and they end up tickling each other, with her on top of him. Heather and some other girls arrive and Miranda looks dejected.

JR takes an injection of steroids.

Colby tells Brooke about Pete agreeing to being auctioned off. Colby takes a call while Brooke asks Celia about Pete's decision to participate. Celia says that he is not the guy for her because he wants a lot of girls around him. Brooke tells her that she can tell he really likes Celia and that she is special enough to make Pete change his ways.

Billy Clyde poses for a portrait, a la Palmer Cortlandt.

JR starts working on his laptop but gets impatient and loses his temper. Dixie walks in and he tells her about what he's doing for the launch party.

Pete talks to Colby and wonders who would've told Celia that he and Colby are an item. She denies telling Celia anything about them sleeping together, but makes a suggestion that they hook up again. He turns her down and says that he is changing from the guy he used to be.

AJ, Miranda, Heather and two other girls hang out at the beach. AJ and Heather decide to go get ice cream, then Hunter and a friend show up. They start to harass the girls, along with Miranda, but the girls leave Miranda alone with them. AJ invites Heather to the gala. Hunter and his friend harass Miranda and she leaves.

Dixie thanks Brooke for hiring JR to make the video, but says she's worried that JR may have high hopes for getting a job. Brooke says it's up to him to earn it.

David runs into Colby at the coffee shop and asks her what's wrong. Colby says it's not about Pete. David suggests they team up to get back at the Chandlers.

Celia imagines seeing Pete outside the cafe and telling her he loves her. Looking at a stick in her hand, the reverie turns into a vision of playing with a stick as a child, blood spilling onto a rug and the man she keeps imagining. She awakes with a start.

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