AMC Update Monday 7/15/13 Ep. 30

All My Children Update Monday 7/15/13 Ep. 30
Aired on OWN on 8/28/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Colby comes into the coffee shop to order "orgasmic muffins", saying she kept Pete up all night. Celia is waiting to meet with Colby, which Colby claims to have forgotten because of her busy night. They decide to meet later at Colby's place, but she says she is not sure how long "breakfast" will take. Jane sits down to chat with Celia about Colby, saying she thought that he and Celia were dating. Celia says they aren't, that it's obvious that Colby is dating him. Jane tells Celia that Pete acts like he doesn't like Colby when he's at the cafe.

Opal shows up at Pete's place with breakfast and wakes him up. He thinks it's an intruder and grabs a bat. She tells him to sit down and have coffee with her, but he says he has a meeting. Opal says she'll never get used to him working with David Hayward in relation to Cortlandt Electronics. Pete reminds her the name has changed to CorTech. Pete tells Opal she needs to stop worrying about him and get a life. She tells him she was done with romance after Sam. He says she should go into business or something. They decide to sit down and come up with some ideas someday.

Zach blasts Lea for not telling him the truth about investigating Jesse. Zach says it's obvious Jesse did what he did for his daughter. Lea says she did it to protect Zach. Jesse is brought into the office and apologizes to Zach for everything he did.

Colby shows up at Pete's place with coffee and muffins. She and Opal trade insults, with Colby saying that Pete doesn't need his mother anymore. Opal retorts with the fact that Liza was never there for Colby.

Zach demands that Jesse's handcuffs be removed and asks Lea if he can talk to Jesse alone. She says they can use his office and he asks if it's been wired. She says he can trust her, but he says he did once, but not anymore. Angie arrives and Jesse apologizes for everything. He tells her he was just about to come clean when they arrested him.

Dimitri plans a trip for he and Brooke to Washington, DC.

Pete gets out of the shower to find both Opal and Colby in his living room. Opal leaves for a class and Colby stays, suggesting they skip breakfast and have dessert instead. He tells her he has a meeting and goes to get ready. Colby starts to leave but then decides to leave her sunglasses in his chair for someone to find.

Celia and Colby brainstorm about the fundraiser. Celia says they are going to announce Dixie as the new head of the Miranda Center and suggests an auction to make the event really big. Colby comes up with the idea of auctioning off a date with the town's most eligible bachelor. Celia wonders who that is.

Pete is in the coffee shop to ask Dr. Anders to endorse Hayward's invention. Anders says he knows how valuable the invention is, but that Dr. Joe has vetoed the idea. Pete persists and manages to convince Anders into talking to Joe. But Anders says that Pete should be talking to Angie as well.

Jesse tells Zach and Angie what happened, how he heard Cassandra's voice while he was talking to Uri. She blasts him for not telling him, but says he was trying to protect Cassandra. He explains how Uri set up the situation and apologizes to Zach for getting him framed. Zach vows to always protect Jesse and his family. Jesse tells Angie he wants to make sure that she understands he did everything to protect Cassandra.

Dimitri and Brooke decide to interview a powerful man from Washington DC and he tells her they're flying there tomorrow to meet him. She says she has meetings but Dimitri assures her it's all taken care of, that they really have to build on their good ratings from the Hayward interview.

Pete arrives at Chandler Mansion and runs into Celia, who is working. She tells him that Colby is upstairs, but he says he's only there to return her sunglasses which were left when she stopped by this morning. He makes it clear they weren't together for the night. Pete looks at the plans for the party. He offers to be the bachelor that gets auctioned off, especially since he's available. He adds that he doesn't want to be available anymore and puts his arm around Celia. She says she thought he and Colby were seeing each other but he denies it, saying they're just friends. He tells Celia that she is the only one he wants to see, while Colby looks on.

Lea tries to explain to Zach why she had to arrest Jesse, but he blasts her saying that she did it all just to get a break in the case. He adds that he's glad nothing happened between them, because he wouldn't want her to wake up regretting that she went too far for the case. He then storms out.

Angie is upset that Jesse kept things from her. He says they will help Cassandra through this, but she wonders how since he'll be in prison. He is in tears as she tells him they have done this way too many times.

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