AMC Update Monday 7/15/13 Ep. 29

All My Children Update Monday 7/15/13 Ep. 29
Aired on OWN on 8/27/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Miranda grabs her keys and sadly looks at a picture of her as a baby with Bianca, while Bianca looks at baby pictures in an album.

Cassandra awakens in the hospital with Angie looking on. She tells her mother she doesn't want the baby. Angie wants to discuss it, but Cassandra is steadfast. She becomes hysterical until Dixie intervenes.

Jesse asks Joe for Tad's number, because he has to talk to him. Joe says he doesn't have it but offers to listen.

Lea and Zach meet for coffee. She says she's surprised that he wanted to get together after she backed off of their relationship. They both agree that they should get to know each other better. While they're talking, she notices someone calling on her phone and sends him off to get milk for her coffee. She calls the person back while Zach is gone.

Angie stops in at Dr. Peterson's office to talk about her issues. She tells the doctor that she wants to talk to someone objective, and that she invited Jesse to come too but he's busy. The doctor tells her that she needs to deal with her own issues before she can help Cassandra. She tells the doctor that she is trying to help Cassandra see that out of the worst situation good things can happen.

Zach runs into Miranda and AJ at the coffee shop. While AJ is getting snickerdoodles, Zach tells Miranda that the charges against him have been dropped. He says he wants to have dinner with her and asks how she's doing. She says she's okay, thanks to AJ, and gives Zach a picture she did of Spike and Ian.

Angie tells the doctor about Cassandra and how stubborn she's always been. She tells him what they did to Cassandra.

Bianca continues remembering Miranda as a baby.

AJ and Miranda go off to the beach. Lea returns and asks about the relationship he has with Miranda. He says it's complicated.

Angie tells the doctor that Cassandra fought her captors. She asks the doctor how she can help her daughter through the pregnancy. Angie tells the doctor that she wants Cassandra to consider keeping the baby, so she has no regrets. She tells the doctor how she found Cassandra in a dumpster as a baby.

Cassandra talks about being pregnant and how much she wants to get rid of the baby to Dixie.

Miranda and AJ return from the beach. They remember going to the beach together as kids. She tells AJ how much she misses her mom and the days when it was just those two. Just as she is looking at her baby picture, Bianca calls.

Lea tells Zach that, since there is no evidence against Uri, they have to wait it out. An investigator comes in with a file from Jesse's desk containing a flash drive with dental records. Zach realizes that Lea has been investigating Jesse. She confirms that she had a feeling that Jesse wasn't being truthful and that he was the one who helped Uri fake his death. Zach tells Lea he feels betrayed by her.

Jesse tells the whole story to Joe. Joe supports him that he did what he had to do to protect his family. Jesse decides that he has to tell Angie, then go to the authorities about Uri.

Jesse goes to talk to Angie, but the police show up and arrest him before he can tell her what's going on. Angie gets upset and tells the police it is a mistake, but Jesse confirms that it's not.

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