AMC Update Monday 7/8/13 Ep. 28

All My Children Update Monday 7/8/13 Ep. 28
Aired on OWN on 8/26/13


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Angie sees Jesse watching she and David hugging and blasts him for not being around. Jesse yells at David for lurking around his wife. Angie defends David for being a good friend. David leaves.

Cara's son Oliver shows up with his grandmother at JR's house, thanks to JR. He tells her they're not visiting, they are staying. Cara's mom will pose as JR's cook and Oliver is her grandson, but he can't call her "Mom". Cara is worried someone will recognize her mother, but they decide to change her name to Carmen instead. Cara hugs JR.

Brooke finds Miranda playing guitar in AJ's room. Miranda tells Brooke that AJ and Heather went to a movie together, kind of a date.

Lea and Zach end their kiss. He asks her why she kissed him, and she responds that he knows why. Jesse walks in on their conversation. Zach breaks the good news to Jesse that he was cleared of the charges. Lea explains that they discovered that is was Vlad who was killed and that the records matched him, not Uri. Lea tells Jesse that, since they used his computer, they have to trace the email containing the dental records. Jesse acts nervous about it. Jesse leaves while Lea rebuttons her blouse.

Miranda calls Bianca. She tells her mom that everything is fine at AJ's. Bianca tells her she might not be reachable for a while. They hang up on the conversation and Bianca turns to someone in the room to tell them she can stay for a while longer. It turns out to be Kendall.

AJ returns from the movie, raving about Heather being a horror fan and says Miranda should've come. She says she was busy. AJ asks if Miranda has met the new cook Carmen and her grandson. They go downstairs to meet them. JR is playing with Oliver and introduces him to AJ and Miranda. AJ watches as JR carries Oliver up to bed. AJ decides he's not in the mood for cookies, he's going to bed, obviously upset by JR's behavior. JR wonders what's up but Miranda fills him in.

Jesse calls Uri and tells him the charges against Zach have been dropped. He says he knows that Uri killed his own brother. Uri tells him to fix the situation or his family is in danger. Jesse returns to the hospital and Angie asks why there is a guard on the room. He tells her that Zach's been cleared but there are other "developments", that Uri is still alive and he killed his own brother. Jesse apologizes for getting upset with David. Angie tells him nothing else matters but keeping Cassandra safe.

Zach tells Lea he is going to find Uri and make him pay for what he did. Lea says he might have to accept that he can't do that, but Zach says she doesn't really know him at all if that's what she thinks.

JR goes to apologize to AJ about not being a great dad and gives him tickets to see the Stones with him for the weekend. AJ shows Miranda the concert tickets that his dad gave him. AJ thanks him for talking to his dad. He tells Miranda what a big fan of the Stones Heather is. He calls Heather, while Miranda looks on.

Bianca tells Kendall that she's worried if she goes back to Pine Valley, the kids might start teasing Miranda again. Kendall tells her that it's not her fault that Miranda was having trouble, saying that Bianca is a great mother. Bianca says she wants to stay to make sure Kendall's heart issue is okay. She tells Kendall that she should share her health issues with Zach but Kendall says that they've both moved on.

Zach and Lea go back to her place. Lea tells Zach that they stopped kissing because she knows that Zach isn't ready for a relationship. She asks Zach about Kendall and he says they talk occasionally but she's not in his life. Lea asks him why he still wears his wedding ring. He doesn't respond, so Lea tells him when he's ready for a relationship, to let her know.

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