AMC Update Monday 7/8/13 Ep. 27

All My Children Update Monday 7/8/13 Ep. 27


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Celia, Dimitri, and Brooke celebrate the big ratings that the David Hayward interview got. Brooke says they still need to work on getting an audience. Colby approaches and suggests throwing a launch party. Brooke agrees and puts Colby in charge of it. Colby says that she wants Celia to help her with the project.

Lea and Zach await the dental records from the Russian dentist.

Heather and Miranda enjoy a day of shopping and stop at Jane's for a latte. Miranda approaches Zach and says hi. Zach invites her to go see an artist's exhibit in New York. He also suggests they invite Bianca, but Miranda says her mom is too busy. She also mentions to Zach that she didn't believe that he did what he was accused of.

Angie tries to comfort Cassandra. Dixie offers to help. David sees Angie in the waiting room and hugs her.

Brooke is talking to the web designer as Dimitri comes, takes her phone, and says she needs a break.

Celia and Colby talk about planning the event. Colby asks Celia about any hot clubs she's been to. Celia says the last one was with Pete, but only the one. Colby is surprised that they only went to one club and Celia says they didn't date long. Colby says that he is too sophisticated for Celia and he probably scared her. Celia says maybe they just weren't a match, but that he and Colby probably are. Colby agrees that their backgrounds are similar. She stops and apologizes for hurting Celia's feelings, by talking about sleeping with her ex.

Pete and AJ chat about a high school sports app. AJ gives him some valuable feedback.

Zach introduces Lea to Miranda as the woman in charge of him until he's found not guilty. AJ comes in. Lea observes a paternal side to Zach.

Brooke and Dimitri go to lunch to celebrate. She wants to talk business while Dimitri wants her to relax and enjoy, not talk about business. He toasts to her and their friendship. They agree that they make a great team.

Pete joins AJ, Miranda, and Heather for coffee and talks more about the sports app.  AJ mentions that he is pitching in the game tomorrow and Miranda wonders if he had been suspended from the team. They tease each other and flirt while Heather and Pete look on. Heather mentions that she is a big baseball fan and AJ suggests they go to a game, while Miranda looks on jealously. Pete starts to leave. Heather approaches him and suggests he create an app for being a better boyfriend, pointing out that he broke her friend Celia's heart.

Colby and Celia shop for champagne for the gala, with Colby lying it's for a charity to get a lower price.

Dimitri tries to get Brooke to stay out later, while she says she has too much work to do. She says she doesn't get out much since Adam's been away. Dimitri hands Brooke back her phone and their hands touch for a long time. She leaves.

Zach and Lea look at the dental records and realize they are not Uri's, but Vlad's. They figure out that Uri must have killed Vlad and that Uri is still alive. Lea admits that Zach is not guilty.

Dixie tries to talk to Cassandra about her options, telling her she has a lot of people who love and support her.

Celia suggests to Colby that they make the gala a charity. AJ invites Miranda and Heather to a movie. AJ and Heather decide on the same film and Miranda backs out. She is clearly upset about the two of them, and AJ is worried Miranda thinks it's a date.

Lea tells Zach she sent over the new evidence to the DA, who has dropped the charges. He grabs her and kisses her.

Brooke talks to Adam on the phone about the successful interview and is sad when he has to hang up. Colby tells Brooke about the gala planning and suggests that it could be a benefit as well. Brooke thinks it's a great idea and commends Colby on it.

David and Angie talk about Cassandra's pregnancy. Angie is torn because the baby is her grandchild and feels like she should fight for it. Jesse sees she and David hug.

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