AMC Update Monday 7/1/13 Ep. 26

All My Children Update Monday 7/1/13 Ep. 26


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Cassandra is having a dream that she is trapped in a hall, then in a dark room with a pole and hands grabbing at her. She runs for the door and Vladimir comes at her with a syringe of drugs. She runs out of the room and into an office, where Uri appears and approaches her. She wakes up and Jesse holds her.

Lea and Zach are at her place (in their pajamas) trying to figure out what happened to Vladimir, that maybe whoever killed Uri killed him. Zach tells Lea to get dressed, that they have work to do.

JR and Cara do some yoga together. JR loses his balance the two fall onto the couch together. Dixie walks in on them and reminds JR that Brooke's interview with David is about to begin.

At the studio, Brooke and David get ready for the interview, watched by Dimitri, Colby, Pete and Celia. Pete and Celia have an encounter but she gives him the cold shoulder.

JR and Cara watch the interview. Brooke brings up David's sordid past and wonders why he keeps coming back to Pine Valley. David points out the positives in his life and talks about his partnership with Pete. Pete is standing next to Celia during the filming and Colby notices. She tells him that Dimitri has requested that all visitors stand away from the crew and pulls him to the side. Brooke brings up the shooting. David explains that he was trying to save JR from shooting his daughter when he shot JR. David points out that he wished that JR died along with his daughter in the shooting.

JR and Cara turn off the interview. Cara says she wishes she would've stayed away from David. JR tells Cara that, with him, she'll be okay. Cara explains that she cannot cross the doctor-patient line with him.

Cassandra's doctor tells her to start moving around to help her recovery. Dixie approaches Dr. Anders about his bedside manner. He explains that she's an addict and needs to be told the truth, especially about her being pregnant. Dixie says he is being cruel and he explains that he's just being professional.

Zach suggests to Lea that the dead body was Vladimir's, not Uri's. Since they're brothers, they would have similar DNA. He says that could make Uri the killer and the one who framed Zach. That way Zach would be sure to lose his business. She points out the dental records and Zach says they need to talk to Jesse.

JR says that he has changed since the shooting. Cara says that is not the issue - that she is staying in town for her patient and once the chemo is over, she is going back to Puerto Rico to be with her son. JR says he understands that he son is her top priority. Cara leaves the room while JR grabs her phone and takes a number from it.

David asks Colby to breakfast, while she watches Pete and Celia. David bows out, then Colby invites Pete and Celia to breakfast. Celia walks away.

Zach, Lea, and Jesse discuss the case. Zach tells them that Uri has been trying to get his business for a while and that he promised to "take him down". Lea says that the senior Koslov killed his brother back in the 90s. Jesse promises to look into it and points out that the dental records were a match. Zach and Lea question whether they were the real records. Jesse is obviously worried that Zach and Lea might figure out his and Uri's arrangement. Angie and Cassandra come back to the hospital room. Zach and Lea leave, Jesse starts to leave but Angie stops him.

Cara congratulates David on the interview, noticing that he seemed like the "old David", the one who helped her through her cancer scare. David tells her he is still that man and adds that he lost everything that night. Cara starts to get upset about having to defend herself again about the abortion but David stops her and says he's sorry that he lashed out at her, that she crushed his dreams of having a child. He says goodbye and goes to leave, but she stops him and apologizes.

David runs into JR and notices how well his physical therapy is progressing. He tells JR that he ran into Cara and it's obvious that JR is downplaying his progress to keep Cara around. JR denies it and tells David to back off.

Lea and Zach check Jesse's computer for Uri's dental records and find them along with the dentist's contact information.

Dixie and Angie agree that Cassandra should be told about the pregnancy. Angie really wants to wait for Jesse to return but Dixie says she will support her.

Jesse runs into Joe at the hospital, who tells him to be there for his family. Angie breaks the news to Cassandra that she is pregnant.

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