AMC Update Monday 7/1/13 Ep. 25

All My Children Update Monday 7/1/13 Ep. 25


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

JR talks to Kyle, a friend of AJ's from the baseball team. He asks about Kyle's bag and what is in it. When Kyle says it's just books and tries to leave, JR threatens to share Kyle's "extracurricular" activities - selling steroids - unless he gives him the bag.

Lea and Zach look at the picture of Uri and the other man, comparing the Koslov crest with other information. Zach clearly leers at Lea and when she compliments him, he flirts with her. They notice a maker's mark on the Koslov crest.

Dr. Anders tells Jesse and Angie that Cassandra's tests came back negative, but that she is pregnant.

Miranda helps a bloody AJ after the fight and tells him that he needs to stay away from Hunter and her, since she is just trouble too. He says he will never do that, that Miranda is his family, his best friend.

Back at home, JR looks at the steroids in Kyle's bag when Cara arrives after her trip with her son. She gives him a hat as a thank you gift.

Angie and Jesse reel from the news of Cassandra's pregnancy. Angie points out that all the drugs could have hurt the baby, Dixie says the chances of a full term baby are slim and Jesse says she can't carry the baby. Cassandra is in pain from withdrawal. Angie stays and supports her, while Jesse leaves.

Zach and Lea pose as a married couple in the market for jewelry and a jeweler arrives at their place to show them his pieces. Lea looks at Zach while he puts a pin on her dress then kisses her cheek. She then asks the jeweler about custom pieces, like the Koslov crest she shows him that he has made. The man gets uneasy and asks where she got it. She tells him it was from her ex-lover Uri. She asks him if she knows how to contact him to return the piece but the jeweler quickly exits. Zach pays for the pin, with a bit extra added.

Jesse calls someone and says they need to meet right away about Cassandra.

Cara notices how well JR is doing physically. JR invites her to dinner. On their way out, they run into AJ and Miranda and ask about his facial injuries. AJ tells them it happened during a baseball game.

Dixie runs into Dr. Anders at the coffee shop and asks to sit with him. She tells Dr. Anders that she has looked into his past and asks why he chose to move to Pine Valley. He brushes it off, starts to leave, stops and comments on how attractive she is.

Miranda and AJ play video games, then wrestle on the bed until AJ gets up. Miranda tells him that she needs to learn to fight her own battles. AJ says he is going to be there for her.

Cassandra continues to struggle with her withdrawal, while David looks on and supports Angie.

Jesse meets Uri in an alley, punches him and tells him that Cassandra is pregnant. Uri's goon holds Jesse down while Uri pulls a knife on him and tells him never to track him down again or he will kill Jesse's whole family. Uri's goon punches him one more time before they leave.

Zach and Lea arrive and ask Angie if they can talk to Cassandra to try and catch the criminals responsible. Angie gives her permission. Cassandra identifies Uri and Vlad in the picture. Jesse arrives at the hospital and Angie notices his injuries, but he explains them away. He says he wants to kill the men who are responsible for what happened to Cassandra.

JR questions AJ about his injuries again. AJ admits it was Hunter and explains what happened. JR says he is going to talk to Hunter's dad about the situation. Miranda comforts AJ and says his dad might be able to help. She hugs him and they almost kiss until AJ's phone rings. Miranda leaves visibly shaken.

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