AMC Update Wednesday 6/26/13 Ep. 24

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/26/13 Ep. 24


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

David and Colby are in bed. He suggests they go get something to eat at Jane's, but Colby makes up an excuse and leaves to get to the studio.

Jesse vows to clear Zach of the murder accusation. Zach tells him not to worry about it and to get to the hospital for Cassandra. Lea tells Jesse she is allowing Zach to work with her on the case. Jesse leaves.

At the high school during detention, Hunter continues to share pictures of Miranda and Heather. Hunter goes to the board when the teacher leaves and draws a suggestive picture of Miranda and Heather in front of the class. Miranda leaves.

AJ and Heather chat at the coffee shop. He tells her that Miranda has detention and doesn't really care. Heather tells AJ that Hunter sent pictures of her and Miranda. She tells him that Miranda didn't want him to know. AJ blows up and leaves to find Miranda.

Angie and Jesse agonize over what happened to Cassandra. From Jesse's reaction, Angie figures out that he knew some of what went on. He admits that he saw some of the porno video online. Angie cries and wants to know why this happened to her daughter.

AJ finds Miranda in his room. He asks her why she didn't tell him about the picture that Hunter sent. He tells Miranda that he made Heather tell him. She tells him that he will get kicked off the baseball team if he goes after Hunter. He says that she's more important. Miranda cries and asks AJ why everyone at school hates her. He says he doesn't and that he'll never leave her. She goes to get a tissue, AJ spots her phone and the picture Hunter sent. AJ gets upset and leaves. Miranda returns to find that AJ has seen the photo and left. She goes after him.

Cassandra is suffering through withdrawal. Angie is there but Cassandra starts to have a seizure.
AJ tells Hunter to leave Miranda alone. Hunter's friends all show up and surround AJ.

Dimitri and Brooke discuss David's interview. They wonder how he went from a murder conviction to inventing a medical breakthrough. Dimitri says Brooke should push David and she says there is no doubt that David likes the soapbox. Colby appears on the set, Brooke introduces Dimitri to her. Colby asks him if he slept with her mother Liza. Dimitri points out that they were adversaries but nothing more. Colby remembers who he is and Brooke tells her that she hired him for the executive producer position. Colby is shocked that she would hire such "Euro-trash". Brooke defends Dimitri while Colby questions why she didn't hire a Chandler for the position. Brooke points out that JR is recovering and that Colby can apply for an entry level position. Dimitri suggests hiring Colby as his assistant and Brooke agrees. Colby boldly refuses and storms out.

David holds Angie while Dr. Andrews treat Cassandra's seizure. He tells her she had a negative reaction to the drugs. Angie questions the doctor and David suggests a different drug. Dixie comes in and asks about the seizure. The doctor says that Angie is being hysterical. Angie angrily points out that she is chief of staff and that he needs to learn some respect. Dixie calms things down between them and suggests Angie take a break. David vows to stay with Cassandra.

Hunter and AJ trade insults, with Hunter asking why AJ has to defend Miranda all the time. He asks if AJ is gay too and AJ tells him that she is not gay. Hunter asks AJ if he's in love with Miranda. AJ tells Hunter to shut up and a fight ensues.

Dixie tells Angie that Joe says that Dr. Andrews is one of the best. Dixie listens as Angie expresses her concerns about Cassandra. Angie says it's hard to be in the room knowing what her daughter went through and Dixie tells her to hang in there.

Brooke tells Dimitri that she was able to calm Colby down and that Colby agreed to work at a lower level position. Brooke is not so sure about Colby because she is so independent.
Dixie asks David why he is still at the hospital, he says he is there to support Angie. Dixie says she doesn't need him and he points out he was the one who found Cassandra and revived her. Dixie tells David that Angie has a support group with herself, Zach and Jesse. David says he hasn't seen Jesse in a while and for that matter, he hasn't seen Tad much either. Dixie tells David that Angie is fragile and she doesn't want him "messing" with her. David calls her paranoid and Dixie brings up the fact that he shot her son JR.

Hunter beats up AJ while his friends hold him down. Billy Clyde tries to stop the fight and pulls out a weapon in his cane.

Angie finds Cassandra on the floor and tells her to keep fighting.

Zach and Lea look at a photo of Yuri and another man, noticing the necklace that the man is wearing has the Koslov symbol on it. Zach suggests that the man could be a relative and maybe a suspect too.

Billy Clyde chases Hunter and his friends off, then helps AJ up. AJ thanks him for helping and Miranda arrives. She guesses what has happened and points out that they could call the police. Billy Clyde starts to go but hears Miranda say that Dixie will flip out when she sees AJ's injuries. Billy Clyde asks if AJ is related to Dixie and that he has read about Dixie in the newspaper.

Dixie listens as Dr. Andrews reads over Cassandra's test results. He stops and apparently sees something shocking. Dixie sees it too.

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