AMC Update Monday 6/24/13 Ep. 23

All My Children Update Monday 6/24/13 Ep. 23


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Cassandra tells Jesse that talking on the phone while she was kidnapped helped her have faith. Angie is puzzled and asks what's going on and what she's talking about. Lea and Zach look on.

As Colby and Pete have lunch, he is concerned about working and getting ready for David's interview. Colby tries to get him to blow off work and invites him to a party on the weekend. Pete says he can't, that he's busy. Colby says he needs to relax and have fun, recalling the "fun" they had the night before. Pete says that he can't be in a relationship. Colby agrees that they shouldn't be tied down and they agree to be "friends with benefits."

Lea questions Jesse about talking to Cassandra. Dixie points out that Cassandra has been through a lot and that she will survive. Zach tells Lea to drop it and just be happy that everything has turned out okay. Lea reiterates that things just don't add up and says that is why they went back to the crime scene to re-check things. Jesse questions it at first but says that it's okay. Lea wants to know what kind of statement the person who dumped Cassandra there was making.

David shows up and interrupts Colby and Pete, asking about the interview topics. Jane brings David coffee and acts nervous. Colby leaves Pete and David to talk business. David asks what is going on with the two of them. Pete denies it and says he's just a new "toy" for her. David says it looks a little more than that. Pete tries to coach David on the interview with Brooke and David doesn't anticipate any problems, saying that he can handle her. David says that he is just as committed about making the partnership a success as Pete is.

Lea and Zach talk about the questions she still has. She says she noticed Jesse's reactions, that he was acting jumpy.

Dixie tells Dr. Joe that Billy Clyde is back in town. Joe says he was assumed dead and Dixie says that Billy Clyde apologized, claiming to be a changed man. She says that doesn't want to be friends with Billy Clyde. Joe says that Tad should be back to protect her and plans to pay Billy Clyde a visit to warn him to stay away.

David approaches Colby at a bar, noticing the fancy champagne she is drinking. She offers him a glass, saying that he did pay for it after all. He asks her about her relationship with Pete. She says they're just friends, that she doesn't like David but thanks him for the money he gave her. He asks her again about Pete and she says she always gets what she wants.

Opal invites Pete to help pack up the house. Pete blasts her for selling the family home. She says it's too big for her and she is tired of being alone. He promises to visit her and Opal breaks the news that they will be neighbors.

Billy Clyde signs over the prostitution business to his lady friend, Ruby Marie, and tells her he plans to be an upstanding citizen.

Cassandra has nightmares and Angie tells Dixie that they can't treat her psychologically until she gets through withdrawal. She says she would trade places with Cassandra if she could. Dixie urges her to pray and have faith. Angie is worried Cassandra won't come back. Dixie says she will have to fight to come back. Angie vows not to let the kidnappers win.

Opal and Pete pack up but he doesn't think it's a good idea that she moves out. She says she doesn't want to live there alone anymore, that someone made her a generous offer on the house. Pete looks at the offer but still doesn't want her to move or make a decision she'll regret. He asks her who the buyer is and she doesn't know.

Joe shows up at Billy Clyde's place and is greeted by the lady friend, treating him like a john. He says he came to talk to Billy Clyde.

David and Colby end up in bed, both knowing they are being used for selfish reasons - David using her to stick it to her family and Colby using him to stick it to Pete.

Angie and Jesse stand watch while Cassandra struggle through withdrawal. Cassandra says she thought she'd never see them again and talks about what they did to her. Angie vows they will get through this together.

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