AMC Update Wednesday 6/19/13 Ep. 22

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/19/13 Ep. 22


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Zach, Jesse, and Lea talk in the hospital waiting room. Jesse tells them that Cassandra is still very weak. Lea says that it's interesting that she ended up in their house   she had no money, so how did she get there?

Opal answers the door and finds a realtor who has a buyer for Cortlandt Manor. Opal says she is not interested and shuts the door in the woman's face.

Brooke brings Celia to the TV studio, where Dimitri is working. She introduces them and Celia offers her help to Dimitri. He tells her about an intern opening and asks if she would be interested. Celia says that she has a guardian who might veto the idea. Brooke and Dimitri assure Celia that something can be worked out.

JR is in his living room and pulls out more steroids from his bag, but Cara interrupts him. He puts them quickly back into the bag. Cara acts indignant and asks if he thought she wouldn't find out.

Dixie tries to fill Jesse and Angie in on what will happen with Cassandra next. She assures them that she will be okay with love and some therapy. The doctor is blunter about it, even recommending that they don't work with Dixie. He says Cassandra will have trouble with drug withdrawals and will need all sorts of testing. Dixie tells him that her relationship with the Hubbards may benefit everyone in the long run. Jesse and Angie watch Cassandra through the window to her hospital room and wonder how all of this happened and if she will ever be okay again. Angie goes in to sit with Cassandra and Jesse goes to make some calls. David asks Jesse if it's okay if he checks on Cassandra. Jesse thanks him for saving her life. David goes into the hospital room and Angie thanks him for being there for Cassandra.

Brooke tells Celia to stay close to Dimitri and help him out. Pete and Opal arrive at the TV station. Brooke is surprised to see Pete, that she is interviewing David about him working for Cortech. Pete is worried that she will spin the information to hurt his company. Brooke introduces Dimitri to Pete. Dimitri tells Pete that Brooke is only interested in the truth of the story.

Cara says that she knows that JR has been overdoing the workouts. He says that he wants to get back to normal as soon as possible, so he's pushing himself but that he'll be careful. Cara's mom sends a picture of her son Oliver. Cara says she misses her son and asks JR to go for a walk.

Opal notices Celia working at the TV station and asks how she is doing since the breakup. Opal mentions to Celia that Pete is moving out, that he needs his privacy. Opal takes some papers in to the studio, greets Brooke and is shocked to see Dimitri. She says that Erica would be mad if she knew he was in town and she missed him. Opal invites him and Alex to dinner and Dimitri tells her that he is in town permanently working with Brooke.

Cara and JR chat on their walk and talk about how much she misses being away from her son. Cara says that she has no choice, to make sure David doesn't find out his son is alive. JR makes a call and asks the person for a favor.

Celia and Pete talk. She says that Opal told her that he was moving out, that he needed his privacy. Celia leaves to deliver some notes. Pete asks Opal why she told Celia about him needing his privacy. Opal says that he could change his mind and stay. He says he's already signed the lease and that the place has all the amenities. Opal calls someone and tells the person that she's changed her mind.

Lea wonders if Cassandra had a key and if someone dumped her, how would they get in and who would they be? Why would they bring her home?

Dixie questions the doctor, asking why he has an issue with her working with the Hubbards. She mentions being a mother, he asks if she's married, Dixie tells him she's engaged. He says that she's come highly recommended and Dixie asks why he needed to check up on her. He says that this is an important case and comments that he looks forward to working with Dixie.

Jesse calls Uri and says that he could kill him for what he did to Cassandra. He says that Uri got her hooked on drugs and she almost died. Uri says that he got what he wanted his daughter is home. Jesse says he is going to the feds and telling them everything. Uri retorts, saying that his job would be in jeopardy if he goes to the feds, then talks about Frankie, Randy and Natalia. He makes it clear that Randy and Natalia could end up like Cassandra if Jesse betrays him.

Cara and JR return from their walk. He gives her an envelope for her and Oliver  tickets to an amusement park and the Chandler jet to get there. He says she can't go down and visit or bring her son back, but they can spend a day at the amusement park.

Gretchen meets with her client at Cortland Manor and says she can't believe the owner changed her mind about selling. When she asks if he's ready to write up the offer, we see that it's Billy Clyde.

Opal talks to Pete to make sure he isn't upset that she told Celia he was moving out. He is worried that Opal told Celia that he was with Colby, but she assures him she didn't and wants to put that image out of her mind. She also wants to make sure that he is over Celia. He assures her that he is.

Brooke and Dimitri chat about the interview with David, asking if he's ready for this adventure. Dimitri says there is no place he'd rather be.

Celia tells Evelyn that she ran into Pete, but that she was also offered an internship at the TV station working with the executive producer. Evelyn says she will talk to her guardian and convince him to let her do it, because this is just what she needs.

Gretchen and Billy Clyde sign the papers to make an offer on Cortlandt Mansion. The realtor assures him that it's not too late to negotiate a lower price, since he would be paying way over market value for the property. Billy Clyde says it's okay, he's "richer than God."

Cassandra tells Angie and Dixie that they gave her pills and then injected her, making her do all kinds of things for which she is very sorry. Her mom assures her that she has nothing to be sorry for, and Dixie promises they'll get her happy again. Seeing Jesse come into her room, Cassandra sobs as she remembers fearing she would never see her family again if her captors shipped her off somewhere, but when she heard his voice, she knew she was going to be okay. Hearing this news, Angie shoots Jesse a questioning look.

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