AMC Update Monday 6/17/13 Ep. 21

All My Children Update Monday 6/17/13 Ep. 21


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Celia is dreaming about getting romantic with Pete, but sees a vision of a menacing man again and wakes up screaming.

Pete and Colby spend more time in bed.

Billy Clyde drops Palmer Cortland's name to get a tailor to come and choose classy clothing for him, the same that Palmer would've worn.

JR offers to make breakfast for AJ, but AJ is meeting friends. AJ asks JR to return the steroids he game him.

Angie goes to the police station, looking for Jesse. Another cop tells her that he has vowed to be gone until he finds Cassandra. Jesse waits.

Opal walks into Pete's room, interrupting him and Colby.

Celia tells Heather about the man she keeps picturing. She says she started seeing the visions around the time she started seeing Pete.

Pete apologizes to Opal, that he didn't let her know he had company. Colby orders strawberries from Opal, who storms out.

JR lies to AJ, saying he threw out the steroids. AJ says he needs to return them. JR asks who gave the steroids to him and AJ tells him that it is Kyle. Miranda comes in and leaves with AJ. A man enters and asks JR where Colby is. JR says she isn't there and the man says he'll wait.

Billy Clyde asks the tailor about Palmer, but is told he doesn't know much.  While the tailor measures him, Billy Clyde starts to ask details about Palmer's preferences, and is told that Palmer had impeccable taste. Billy Clyde orders six suits from the tailor.

David finds an unconscious Cassandra in the Hubbards' home and calls the paramedics. He suspects a heroin overdose. He starts to perform CPR.

Zach and Lea get to know each other while having breakfast. Zach tells Lea that he put his sons in dangers and that's why Kendall left.

An officer comes in to let Jesse hear the 911 call from David. Angie and Jesse rush into the house to find the paramedics and David working to revive Cassandra.

JR calls Colby and tells the man waiting that she isn't answering. The man, Randy, says she has taken something of his and that he isn't leaving until he gets it back.

Opal and Colby trade insults. Colby's phone rings. It's JR, telling her about Randy. He threatens to call security to get him to leave but Colby says she will be right there.

Heather and AJ bond over coffee with Miranda.  AJ invites Heather over later.

Lea asks Zach about his breakup with Kendall. Zach questions her about past relationships. She says it's not his business. Lea gets a call that they have found Cassandra. 

Pete tells Opal he is considering renting an apartment. Opal tries to get him to change his mind. Pete says he will never have Colby over again, and that things are over with Celia too. Opal tells Pete that Celia has a dark aura and that he should steer clear of her.

Miranda tells AJ that Heather likes him.

Cassandra is rushed into the hospital.  Joe, David, and Jesse prevent Angie from going into the room with her and the doctors.

Colby pays Randy what she owes him. JR asks Colby about the guy and Colby points out that Brooke is in charge of the household and company. She tells JR to back off until he can handle Brooke.

The doctors tell Jesse and Angie that Cassandra is breathing on her own, but it will be a long road. Zach and Lea show up at the hospital to show support. Angie goes in and talks with Cassandra, saying they can't hurt her now.

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