AMC Update Wednesday 6/12/13 Ep. 20

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/12/13 Ep. 20


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Dimitri and Brooke relive old times. He talks about revisiting Wildwind, and says that he and Alex have divorced. He added that he went to the mausoleum and made amends with Edmund.  Brooke makes a proposition for Dimitri to work for Adamís company.

Cara and JR talk about his rehab. He is not happy with his progress and asks about maybe taking steroids. Cara explains how dangerous that would be for him, especially with his history of addiction.

Pete calls Celia to find out why she returned all the clothing. She doesn't want to talk about it and gets off the phone immediately.

Jesse and Lea discuss Zach's arrest. She tells him that itís all out of his hands and that all the evidence points to Zach. Lea tells Zach she is a witness for the prosecution but wishes she wouldíve been wrong about him.

Brooke updates Dimitri on the latest with JR and the company, outlining the reasons for wanting to hire him. The most important one being that Adam is away so much on business, trying to undo the damage that JR did.

Cara explains the dangers of steroids to JR, saying that it is very addictive. JR invites Cara to dinner.

Zach is remanded to Leaís custody by the judge. Jesse apologizes for bringing Zach into the situation. Zach leaves handcuffed to Lea.

JR, AJ, and Cara have dinner at the mansion. Brooke and Dimitri come in, and she tells JR about her invitation that Dimitri work for Chandler Industries.

Celia tells her friend Heather that Pete has already moved on with somebody else.

Pete has some drinks and goes to his room, finding Colby in his bed.  He tries to resist but she seduces him into making love.

Jesse calls Koslov to inform him that Zach has been arrested and to let Cassandra go. Uri is angry that Zach is out on bail and not behind bars. Disappointed, he hangs up on Jesse without divulging Cassandra's whereabouts.

JR is frustrated with his slow physical progress.

Dimitri decides to stay in Pine Valley and work with Brooke at Chandler Media.

JR shoots himself with steroids.

Lea takes Zach to a hotel for the evening. They end up sleeping in adjoining rooms.

Jesse tries to call Koslov back but the number is disconnected. An unconscious Cassandra is carried into a darkened room and laid on the floor.

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