AMC Update Wednesday 6/12/13 Ep. 20

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/12/13 Ep. 20


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Dimitri returned to town per Brooke's email. Brooke wanted for Dimitri to not only build but head Chandler's media division. Dimitri accepted.

JR asked Cara if his progress could be quickened with enhancement drugs, and she advised against it. JR is not a candidate and it is too risky. After dinner with Cara and AJ and meeting Dimitri, he was determined as ever to speed up his recovery and get back what was rightfully his. JR succumbed to the temptation and took the steroids that AJ gave him to get rid of.

Celia finally returned Pete's phone call but told him to take the clothes back and never to call her again. Heather walked in after that and gave support and asked about Miranda and AJ, because she was interested in him and didn't want to be the type of girl who would come between a couple. Upon Celia's rejection and Colby sneaking in Pete's room and in his bed, Pete and Colby had wild sex together.

Zach was arrested for Uri's murder and released on bail and in Lea's custody.

Jesse called Uri to find out where Cassandra was, and Uri said he was disappointed that Zach was out on bail. He wanted him behind bars and hung up.

As Jesse was driving and screaming for his daughter, Cassandra's lifeless body was being dumped in a room somewhere.

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