AMC Update Monday 6/10/13 Ep. 19

All My Children Update Monday 6/10/13 Ep. 19


Written by Kat
Pictures by Juanita

Billy Clyde notices Dixie on the phone and approaches her, scaring her. He begs for her forgiveness for what he did to her in the past, to which Dixie rebuffs him. He keeps approaching her and she slaps him, telling him that if he gets near her again she will call the police. Dixie storms off.

Lea demands to know where Zach has been, then Jesse shows her the medallion that was "found" on the body. Lea says it looks Eastern European and checks her computer for the origin. 

JR walks into the coffee shop to find David and AJ chatting. David reminds him that he is AJ's grandfather, being Babe and Marissa's father.

Colby and Pete are having coffee and Colby is flirting with Pete and asks why he would be interested in someone like Celia, a girl from Bramwell, when he could have her. Pete scoffs and excuses himself, leaving his phone at the table, which rings. The caller ID is Celia so Colby answers it, saying that Pete is busy and making it sound as if they are involved. Celia gets off the phone quickly.

Lea finds the logo on the medallion and matches it to Koslov. Jesse says that it was found on a badly burned body, with no fingerprints or ID. They are waiting on dental records to identify the body.

AJ leaves to meet Miranda, while David hugs him and tells him he is there for him. JR tells David he knows what's going on - that he is trying to worm his way into AJ's life as a way to get back at JR.

Opal finds Celia leaving some things at her door for Pete. Opal invites her in for tea to talk.

Zach asks Jesse to vouch for him because Lea has accused him of killing Koslov.  The medical technician returns, verifying that the dental records of the body match those of Yuri Koslov. The other evidence matches Koslov as well. However, he adds that the fingerprints on the murder weapon/letter opener match those of Zach Slater.

Jesse calls Koslov and tells him that framing Zach was not part of the deal. Koslov issues an ultimatum telling Jesse that Cassandra will be returned when Zach is arrested.

AJ and Miranda have friends over.

Zach explains to a disbelieving Lea how he is being set up for murder. He says that he didn't kill Koslov but that he will find out who did.

Dixie informs Jesse that Billy Clyde is alive and should be arrested for her kidnapping. Jesse tells her that unfortunately there is a statute of limitations.

Celia tells Opal that she really likes Pete while they have tea. Opal offers her support.

Pete and David talk business, while Colby distracts them. Pete leaves, while Colby tries to get him to stay. David tells her to give up on Pete and that she can do better than him.

Miranda and Heather have discovered that Hunter has PhotoShopped a picture of the two of them in a romantic pose together and is circulating it.

Billy Clyde and his lady friend believe they have won the lottery.

AJ knows something is wrong with Miranda but she denies it. AJ and Heather discover how much they have in common and Heather asks Miranda if she and AJ are dating. Miranda says no, and asks Heather if she likes AJ.

Pete returns home to discover that Celia has returned the items from their shopping trip.

Colby's card is declined at the cafe. David covers the bill then offers to give her a monetary "gift" of $30,000.

Jesse arrests Zach for the murder of Yuri Koslov. 

Someone surprises Brooke at her door. 

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