AMC Update Monday 6/10/13 Ep. 19

All My Children Update Monday 6/10/13 Ep. 19


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Pete and Colby are in Jane's Addiction, and while Colby uses her feminine wiles, Pete shows no interest and excuses himself. While he was gone, Celia called his cell and Colby pretended he was busy with her. Pete also excused himself while she forced herself into David and Pete's meeting. After Pete left, David and Colby exchanged pleasantries and small talk. When the waiter told Colby that her credit card was denied, three times, David took care of the bill then gave her a check for $30,000 as a gift.

Before his meeting with Pete, he had a chance encounter with AJ. JR walked in and David bashed JR. AJ left, JR vowed David will not take his son.

Billy Clyde saw Dixie outside of Jane's Addiction and went to talk to her, frightening her. She screamed and asked what he's doing in Pine Valley. He keeps trying to talk to her and beg for her forgiveness, obviously still taken with her. Not ready to even consider forgiveness, Dixie threatened to call the police. When he took another foot toward her, she slapped him and promised he will rue the day if he ever touched her again.

Billy Clyde after scrambling to find a lottery ticket with Ruby Marie to see if he is the unclaimed mega-winner, found it and is now a rich man.

Celia, after the phone conversation with Colby, went to return the things Pete had bought her in New York. She tried to leave the bags by the front door, but Opal opened it and invited her in for tea. They chatted a bit and Opal told her that she was sorry they broke up, but there's always another streetcar coming around the corner for a pretty girl like her. Finally, Opal encouraged her to come to talk to her anytime. When Pete returned home and saw all of Celia's stuff, he wondered what in the world he did that was so wrong.

Dixie went to Jesse, while he was trying to calm Angie down about the details of Cassandra's kidnapping, to demand Billy Clyde's arrest. Unfortunately the statute of limitations expired after five years. Dixie pleaded but Jesse's hands were tied as long as he didn't hurt her. Dixie was very upset, not knowing how she could live her life normally with that wacko roaming free around town.

The medical examiner informed Jesse and Lea that the body was positively identified as that of Uri Koslov with the dental records Jesse supposedly got from his dentist in Moscow.  Also, the murder weapon, a letter opener, conveniently left at the murder site, was covered in his blood, but more importantly, Zach's fingerprints were on the letter opener.

Lea insisted on following Zach at the site where he was supposed to meet a source for information about who is framing him. Lea thought Zach was guilty, because he had no alibi for that night. Insisting he did not kill Uri Koslov, Zach vowed to find out who did.

Jesse immediately got on the phone with Uri, upset that Zach is being framed for his murder. Uri couldn't care less and demanded that Zach be immediately arrested before he would tell Jesse anything about Cassandra. Desperate to get his daughter back, Jesse apologized to his friend and placed a stunned Zach under arrest.

AJ and Miranda threw a party at the Chandler Mansion and invited the girls who snubbed her at the coffee shop and Heather, the girl who told her to sit with her at Jane's Addiction. They had pizza and laughed and danced. When Heather asked AJ if he and Miranda are together, he changed the subject and turned up the music. At the end, Heather asked Miranda if it was all right to pursue AJ. Miranda insisted they were just friends. After the kids left, Brooke walked into a mess. She started to clean up when the door bell rang to a mysterious guest that will be revealed tomorrow.

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