AMC Update Wednesday 6/5/13 Ep. 18

All My Children Update Wednesday 6/5/13 Ep. 18


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Colby came back to town and entered Jane's Addiction and the first thing she saw... Pete. Colby expressed how he changed and Pete told her she hasn't. Colby then went to the Chandler Mansion and greeted everyone and asked Brooke for $20,000. Brooke refused but offered her the job of editor at Teen Tempo. Colby scoffed at having to work and asked Adam then JR for the money. Colby was turned down by both and urged JR to take back Chandler before Brooke takes everything of theirs.

Evelyn went into Celia's room at Bramwell and expressed how worried she was. Celia asked if her parents were crazy because there was something wrong with her. Evelyn insisted it was Pete and she was not ready for the kind of relationship he wants even if he has been a gentleman.

Jesse met with Uri and offered a deal that would stage Uri's death in return for Cassandra's homecoming. Jesse agreed and the plan was brought into motion.

After Colby left, JR apologized again to AJ, and he softened a bit. He was going to leave the house but stayed and helped JR learn how to use an iPAD.

Pete and David crossed paths in Jane's Addiction. Pete warned David that, if they become partners, it would be on his terms. AJ later went to see David there and had a tender yet strained visit. David wanted to let AJ know he was always there for him. Babe and Marissa would have wanted that.

Pete is happy to run into Celia at the coffee shop, since she hasn't been returning any of his messages since the night they returned from New York. Celia assures him it's just her. She's not feeling well and abruptly leaves. Celia goes back toward Jane's Addiction to find Pete and sees him talking to Colby who acts as though she and Pete have a date. Thinking he's a player with yet another girlfriend, Celia takes off.

Angie tearfully asked God for strength until Cassandra's safe.

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