AMC Update Monday 6/3/13 Ep. 17

All My Children Update Monday 6/3/13 Ep. 17


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Jesse, Zach, and Lea find the girls and beg them to say where Cassandra is, but they won't speak out of fear of reprisal. They do blame Tia, however, for informing Uri that her father is the chief of police in Pine Valley who is coming to rescue her. Consequently, Uri took Cassandra away. Asked why he is there, Billy Clyde insists he was just checking up on his competition after a former client told him about it.

At the hospital, Angie still tries to get more information out of Amy, but the girl is still afraid that the Koslovs will hurt her family if she contacts them and refuses to say any more. Joe finds Angie helplessly sitting in Amy's room while she has tests. Knowing how it feels to have a missing child, Joe encourages her to keep on praying and be assured that she will get her daughter back. With her family's help and support, Cassandra will be able to get through her ordeal.

Angie goes to the station to find Jesse and gets a young officer to take her to the club where the girls are being kept. Jesse gets a call from Uri giving him conditions for Cassandra's release. Jesse insists he will do whatever he wants. When Jesse asks for proof that he does have his daughter, Uri allows Cassandra to scream for help into the phone.

Zach and Lea try to get answers from Billy Clyde who assures them he has nothing to do with the Koslovs. As he leaves, Billy Clyde says he feels some sort of chemistry between Zach and Lea, but they deny there's anything going on between them.

Brooke calls David over to the mansion to ask him to do an interview for her online talk show, and he agrees after being skeptical at first. On his way out, David has a run in with JR and chews him out a bit, trying to get him riled up. JR continues with his assertion that he does not remember trying to kill anyone and he's a changed man. David doesn't buy it. After he leaves, JR asks Brooke to give him a heads up next time David will be there. JR offers Brooke some ideas for the company, but she thinks he should just concentrate on his recovery. JR expresses regret for the man he was but wants to move forward.

As Pete and Celia prepare to return home, Celia continues to get visions of an older stern man just staring at her. It makes her nervous. Pete sees David in Jane's Addiction and informs him that there is no way they are working together, because of the impromptu press conference. Waiting for Pete to take her home, Celia becomes impatient and tells Jane that she has to leave and for her to tell Pete.

After Jesse sees Angie's reaction to a message of love to her mom and dad that Cassandra had scrawled on the wall of her prison, he calls Uri back and agrees to give him anything he wants. Bound and gagged, Cassandra lies on the floor whimpering with Uri's foot on her stomach.

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