AMC Update Wednesday 5/29/13 Ep. 16

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/29/13 Ep. 16


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita


Pete tells Celia they can go to a concert at the Bowery Ballroom and she asks him if I was any other girl, what would you rather be doing? Celia answered that he would rather be in bed with them. He admitted he would even with her; but also admitted she was different and is happy doing whatever as long as they were together. Celia expressed that she was falling in love with him. Pete returned those feelings.

Cara went back to the Chandler mansion for her phone and JR expressed his regret for waking up and doubting his son. Brooke came in just as JR was holding a bottle of alcohol to make a point that they have proven him guilty before innocent, and expressed doubt in JR. Just then, it dawned on JR he did the same thing to AJ. JR went into AJ's room to apologize, but AJ lashed out at him and left the room.

Miranda went into Jane's Addiction and saw Hunter, then some friends and they said hello but didn't want her to sit down with them. Heather, a student at Bramwell, called her over introduced herself and displayed friendship toward her. AJ walked in said hello while Hunter came over and tried to start another fight.

David went to Opal's house to look for Pete. Opal told him she didn't know where he was and to leave. Later, she was getting ready for bed with cream on her face, and David appeared. He told her she left the door unlocked after closing it in his face. David also told her of his plan for Cortlandt, and she expressed with over my dead body! David later called a press conference about these plans. Pete and all of PV saw and were outraged.

Billy Clyde, tried to find out where one of his customers went instead to him. Jesse, Lea, and Zach also found out and arrived at the same time. Jesse told Billy he would handle it and opened the door at the end of the show.

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