AMC Update Monday 5/27/13 Ep. 15

All My Children Update Monday 5/27/13


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

AJ looks at the steroids his teammate gave him. Will he take the drugs?

Bianca and Miranda meet at Jane's Addiction. Bianca tells her they are having dinner with Zach to discuss things. Bianca suddenly gets called away for Miranda Center business and wants to take Gabby; but doesn't want Miranda to miss any more school, so she tells her she can stay with Opal. They start to bicker about AJ and JR and how Miranda would rather stay at Chandler and Bianca finally agrees that she can stay there and she will try to accept JR in Miranda's life for AJ and Miranda.

Cassandra is confronted by Uri about her stepfather being Chief of Police of Pine Valley, and she pleaded with him not to kill her. Uri expressed she was too valuable, she will be sold. After he left, Cassandra wished he had killed her because once she is out of the country, her family will never find her. Vlad later took her away.

Cara is helping JR with therapy and Cara tells him he is pushing himself way too hard. He disagrees, and Brooke comes in. Cara tells her to please explain to JR he needs rest. She said she would try and JR told Cara he trusted her before he left.

Cara goes back to the hospital and runs into a messy confrontation with David after David sees Joe about amazing research he did for heart patients. Joe refused any assistance or endorsement, David had words to them both. Joe tried to console Cara and told her he wanted to help. Cara tells Joe her son is in Puerto Rico with her mom and safe.

JR goes into AJ's room to talk. As AJ is in the bathroom, JR finds the steroids. JR immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion and AJ gets angry and tells him he was not going to take them but was given them and does not care that he doesn't believe him or not and storms out and sees Miranda and tells her they should get out.

Zach goes to see Special Agent Lea Marquez and tells her they are indeed on the same team and shows her the strip club's website. They are able to get a lead on Cassandra.

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