AMC Update Wednesday 5/22/13 Ep. 14

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/22/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Sleeping next to Pete in New York City, Celia has a nightmare in which a little girl is singing in a distorted voice about someone always being right behind Celia. Then she sees the face of a spooky older man and wakes up in a panic. Pete tries to comfort her, saying that she's safe with him. They begin to kiss but are interrupted by her phone ringing -- Evelyn, the human chastity belt, is trying to reach Celia.

Meanwhile, Evelyn shows up on Opal's doorstep, demanding to know where Pete took Celia. Though totally unaware of her son's actions, Opal assures her that her Petey isn't taking advantage of anyone. As a matter of fact, Celia is the little vixen who wagged her plaid-clad caboose in his direction and lured him in like a trapdoor spider. Evelyn insists that Celia is a complete innocent who is being seduced by Pete.

As JR listens in, Brooke is on the phone with Adam, promising to find out if JR is lying about not remembering what happened that night and that she will protect AJ. Miranda arrives at the Chandler Mansion ready to go to school with AJ but not looking forward to how she will be received by her classmates. They then clear the air about their kiss and decide not to screw up their friendship with romance.

At the gentlemen's club, Vlad orders one of the women to get cleaned up and spend the night with her client. Uri is upset and slams down his cell phone.

At their home, Jesse starts to tell Angie who he saw last night, but there's a knock at the door and Billy Clyde surprises Angie, who flies at him with questions about what he's done to her daughter.

After a morning exercise session with Cara, JR is frustrated at his slow rate of progress, wanting to be ready to take on Chandler's shareholders at a meeting later without having to rely on a cane. Cara encourages him to keep working and not be so impatient.

Celia is amazed at all the texts Evelyn has sent to her phone. She realizes that Evelyn is freaking out, but she wants to stay and keep having fun with Pete.

Rather than succumbing to taking pills, Cassandra vows to fight back, sure that her chief of police dad has called out the cavalry and is out looking for her right now.

Jesse calms Angie down and assures her that Billy Clyde doesn't have Cassandra, but he might be able to help them find her.

JR walks into the living room all dressed up in a suit and tie ready to go to the Chandler meeting with Brooke, but she cautions him that it wouldn't look good if he's there without his father. JR agrees that it would look as though he were planning another palace coup. Brooke counsels him to just work it out with his father and give it some time.

AJ and Miranda have a confrontation with Hunter at the high school. They almost come to blows again but decide to leave each other alone. AJ tries to cheer Miranda up by asking her to smile.

Even though Billy Clyde admits he's still a pimp, Angie calms down enough to listen to him propose to get an associate of his to confirm his claims of innocence.

As Vlad hands out costumes and pills, one of the women offers to give Uri information. Cassandra still refuses to take drugs, vowing to fight until it kills her or them.

One of AJ's baseball teammates, Kyle, fills him in on how they're all taking steroids to achieve higher performance. He then hands AJ some of the drugs with instructions on how to take them, so he can be first string. AJ quietly takes the bag and puts it in his locker.

Billy Clyde urges Ruby Marie to just go along with the script as they rehearsed it about his operation. Angie immediately asks if she's seen her daughter but the woman doesn't answer, so Jesse takes her aside to question her separately. Meanwhile, Angie threatens to kill Billy Clyde herself if she finds out he had anything to do with Cassandra's disappearance.

One of the captive women informs Uri about Cassandra's claim. Uri slaps Vlad, holding him responsible for snatching a local girl instead of a French citizen and putting them all in danger.

Opal leaves yet another message on Pete's voicemail for him to call her while Evelyn goes through Celia's drawers. Finding a tablet, Evelyn plays the message from Pete reintroducing himself to Celia. Opal is positive that her son's been bewitched, but Evelyn insists that Pete is causing serious trouble.

Celia and Pete return to their hotel room after a morning of sight-seeing in the East Village. Celia's sure that Evelyn thinks Pete is corrupting her, but she asserts that you can't corrupt the willing. Pete earnestly urges Celia to remember who she was when she was with him once she returns to Evelyn's influence.

Miranda meets up with AJ at his locker and, despite some bad eggs, she received some positive response. When she asks him about his day, though, AJ neglects to mention the drugs in his locker.

JR comes across Cara again and whines about not being able to be involved with his family's business and all the platitudes he's getting from well-meaning people. Cara suggests he cut out the self-pity and instead concentrate on improving his physical well-being. JR agrees to make his body his priority and put business second. Then he offers to buy Cara lunch before an afternoon PT session.

Angie reminds Billy Clyde of the horror he put Dixie through. Jesse realizes that all they want is to use the police to shut down their competition, so he leaves the Bible-thumpers with a warning to keep out of PV unless they have something concrete about Cassandra.

Uri tells Vlad that they have to get rid of Cassandra now that they know who her father is.

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