AMC Update Monday 5/20/13 Ep. 13

All My Children Update Monday 5/20/13


Written by Gisele
Pictures by Juanita

Bianca interrupts Miranda and AJ's homework session at the Chandler Mansion with an offer to take a break and talk, but her daughter doesn't think it's a good time. Sensing their friction, AJ excuses himself. Then Bianca launches another diatribe against JR for taking Marissa away from her.

Sneering, JR informs Cara that he knows her baby with David is alive, and she doesn't want him to find out. Cara tries to make him understand how having David for a father would damage her and her child's lives, and there's no way she will ever tell Hayward.

Celia is ecstatic at finding herself in a hotel room in New York City. Just as excited, Pete proposes they go out to eat then to a club or two.

David finds Angie dozing next to Amy's hospital bed and insists on taking her home to rest, so that Cassandra can have a healthy mother when she returns. He even promises to cook for her as long as she has eggs.

Jesse continues his investigation and has someone following a white van into the Northeast section of Rosemont near a railroad track.

Cassandra insists that her parents will find her, but Tia thinks they are invisible, and after they're used up, the guys who have them will just discard them.

Although Vlad cautions his boss that going up against the local pimp, Billy Clyde Tuggle, could be war, Uri is confident he can squash him like a bug.

Ruby Marie informs Billy Clyde that the new gentlemen's club is doing great business, with dirty stripping and Johns who engage in kinky sex. Billy Clyde thinks that with the Lord on his side, he'll show those rats what he can do.

When Celia can't take her eyes off the only bed in the room, Pete assures her she can have it, and he'll sleep in the chair. Her next problem is a lack of wardrobe appropriate for a club, so Pete looks for an appropriate app on his phone.

Bianca reminds Miranda how happy they all were together as a family before JR killed Marissa. Miranda tries to make her mom understand how it also affected AJ and that she will be there for him always. Bianca knows that, but she wants her daughter nowhere near JR, even if she has to lock her in her room. Furious now, Miranda urges her mom to get over it already and let her and AJ get back to their homework. Just as Bianca insists she can't forgive or forget what JR did, he walks in the door, with Dixie and Brooke's help. Shouting "Son of a bitch," Bianca attacked JR with a vicious slap, to everyone's horror.

Uri orders Vlad to ship the girls to various locations for the night's work in a van.

Still talking to his man Peterson, Jesse is disappointed when their van turns up to be making a flower delivery. Sitting nearby, Zach assures Jesse that they'll find Cassandra.

Everyone shouts as Bianca lunges at JR again. When Miranda and Dixie grabs her arms to hold her back, JR magnanimously allows her to get it off her chest. Bianca rails against the murderer with all her hate and fury, admitting that all these five years, she's been praying for him to die and go to hell. As she continues to spew off venom, Miranda begs her mother to stop, then Brooke and Dixie ask Bianca to leave, but JR wants to have his say. Insisting he remembers nothing about that night, he offers his apology to Bianca, who answers, "Bullshit."

Pete gives a man a tip for bringing in a rack full of beautiful clothes for Celia to try on. While a song plays, Celia saunters in and out of the bathroom, playfully modeling one skimpy outfit after another.

Billy Clyde leads a protect outside the gentlemen's club in the name of all that is holy. As one of the bouncers yells at them to leave, another of his cohorts, a strident Sister Mosley, shrieks while the rest of the group shouts, "Shut it down." The bouncer calls Uri and alerts him that they have trouble.

Bianca shouts at JR that he after destroying people with his hate and anger, he wants to go on as if nothing happened.  He validates her feelings and insists he's not that man anymore, but Bianca finds his excuses a little too convenient. She wants to leave with Miranda, but her daughter decides to stay to comfort AJ.

David commiserates with Angie about Jesse withholding the news of her daughter's kidnapping, but she has gotten past that. Angie thinks they should concentrate on finding Cassandra rather than blaming each other. David comforts her as Angie cries that she just wants her daughter back.

Back from dancing the night away, Celia collapses on the bed while Pete prepares to sleep on the chair, but she won't have any of that and insists they share the bed, with her under the covers, and him on top.

Dixie thinks that JR may never remember what happened that terrible night five years ago. JR begins to make small talk with Miranda and AJ, but the kids quickly excuse themselves. Cara suddenly appears in the living room ostensibly to talk to JR about his physical therapy, but he knows she's there because she's afraid he will divulge her secret to David. She claims she trusts him but reminds JR that David isn't happy with either of them, and they will need each other.

At Angie's place, David tenderly covers her with a blanket as she sleeps on the couch.

Jesse receives a call from someone in Center City, alerting him to trouble at the club.

Uri's bouncer assures him that all the girls are out of the club, then e-mails him a picture of their troublemaker, Billy Clyde.

Outside, Billy Clyde and his friends urge officers to shut down that "den of iniquity," but the police wants the protesters to pack up their signs and leave. As a shouting match ensues, Zach and Jesse join the mayhem. While Billy Clyde tries to hide his face, Jesse recognizes him and can't believe his eyes.

Miranda commiserates with AJ about her mom's behavior, and he thanks her for her support. She assures him she will always be there for him, then Miranda grabs her guitar and sings AJ a sweet song she composed about him being her parachute, ooh, ooh. Smiling, AJ expresses his delight at her amazing ode to their relationship, then kisses her. Clearly undone, Miranda immediately decides to depart, leaving him asking if she's serious!

In the NYC hotel room, Pete and Celia take their places on the big bed and smile as they prepare to go to sleep.

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