AMC Update Thursday 5/16/13 Ep. 12

All My Children Update Thursday 5/16/13 Ep. 12


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Celia refuses to go with Evelyn to Europe. She is forced to admit that she's been seeing Pete. She thinks she's in love. That's precisely why Evelyn wants to take her away.

Pete is at Jane's Addiction with his financial advisor. Frank tells him that he needs a boatload of money to save Cortlandt Electronics.  As is it happens, David is there having coffee, and just happens to overhear the conversation.

Dixie has gone to see Brooke about JR recovering at home. Of course, Adam has approved it, but Dixie is worried about how it will affect both JR and AJ. Brooke tells us that Dixie is now a therapist. Brooke dreads telling JR that she's now in charge at Chandler.

Jesse and Angie are at home, where Jesse is pouring over maps of Pine Valley. He's looking for the route for the freight train Amy told them about. Cassandra is crying, making Uri and the actor upset.  They are trying to make a porn movie. Cassandra wants to go back to the strip club.  Uri threatens her with Vlad, who's a mean dude.

Frank leaves Pete alone at Jane's. David approaches him after Frank leaves. Celia, unaware that Opal has spilled the beans, pleads her case to Evelyn.

Out in the courtyard, Bianca tries to talk to Miranda. Miranda mouths off to her that she's not a Kane woman. Bianca disagrees and tells her that she's glad that Miranda has AJ for support. Miranda interrupts her to tell her that JR has come out of his coma. Bianca is shocked.

JR is getting ready to go home with help from Cara. He tells her it's not going to be easy especially with some one likes David who wants him dead. Cara tells him it was an accident, and goes off on David. JR asks about the tension between her and David.

Bianca is in shocked and angry, especially when Miranda tells her that JR doesn't remember that night.  Bianca rants about JR never taking responsibility for anything. She tells Miranda that JR wanted Marissa dead. She tells her to stay away from JR. Miranda says that she has to be there for AJ. He's going thought this, too, but Bianca reminds her, that JR killed the woman she loved. Miranda is sorry about Marissa but tells  Bianca that she won't desert AJ. She takes off.

Celia is angry too, and doesn't want to take it anymore. She rants to Evelyn about her faceless guardian. Evelyn isn't sympathetic and orders Celia to pack.

David makes Pete an angel offer, and explains that he wants to spread his wings. Pete calls it "a deal with the devil". When Pete asks about his practice, David says that he doesn't have one anymore. Pete asks him why Pine Valley, and David tells him that both of his daughters are buried there. Pete tells him that he only works with people he trusts. David doesn't buy it and reminds him of how Palmer operated. Pete tells him that he'll think about it, and David leaves. Pete receives a cry for help from Celia. He tells her he'll think of something.

The freight train is on Jesse's mind, Angie is terrified for Cassandra, and well she should be. Jesse promises to bring her home.

Cassandra is traumatized after the porn film is finished. Uri tells her that it's time to go. When Cassandra doesn't move, he tells her to forget about her old life, or next time it will be a "snuff" film. Cassandra breaks down in tears.

Brooke and Dixie have come to bring JR home. JR is anxious to get back to his life and work. He notices a look between his mother and Brooke. They tried to avoid his questions but he insists. Dixie is forced to tell him that Chandler went bankrupt during his reign. Adam has built up the company again in JR's absence. JR can't believe what he did, and wants to make amends. But Brooke announces that she and only she is the head of Chandler  Enterprises.

David runs into Bianca sitting in the courtyard with a daisy. He realizes that she was the one leaving flowers on Marissa's grave. Bianca tries to walk away, but David reaches out to her, and makes her cry.

Evelyn shows up to check up on Celia's packing. It seems the chauffeur has arrived, but it's really Pete!  Celia doesn't let on, and goes with Evelyn. Pete makes sure that Evelyn doesn't have her passport.

Bianca and David reminisce about Marissa. "Cool breeze. Hot sun. Summer just around the corner" she used to stay. They talk about JR,  but when David says that it should be him in the ground and Marissa, Bianca goes off on him. David apologizes for being a bad father but he still loved Marissa. He apologizes to Bianca and says that JR is the reason that they both lost Marissa.

JR is waiting to be discharged and talking to Cara. JR apologizes to Cara but she tells hi that she'll be leaving town soon . JR surprises her that he could hear when he was in a coma. He tells her that he knows that her baby is alive.

Pete is showing Celia and Evelyn to the car, when Evelyn realizes that she doesn't have her passport. As soon as she goes inside to get it, Pete whisks Celia away. Evelyn comes out, just in time, to see him drive off, and throw his chauffeur hat away.

Jesse thinks he has found the right train route. It's either in Rosemont or Center City, giving Angie much needed hope. She hugs him tightly as she cries.

Cassandra has been brought back to her room by Vlad. Vlad tells her she'll be back on the pole tonight. One of the other girls tells her to get used to it and "Triple X", the drug they've been using. Another girl comforts Cassandra and wipes her forehead.

The Koslovs talk about moving their business to Center City. Vlad reminds Uri about the old school pimp who runs the territory. Uri thinks that he can get rid of the "mongrel". But he doesn't know that it's old Billy Clyde Tuggle!  A hard man to get rid of!

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