AMC Update Wednesday 5/15/13 Ep. 11

All My Children Update Wednesday 5/15/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At Opal's, she shows up in Pete's bedroom to check up on him. She notices the scratches on his face, and wonders if Celia did it. Opal badgers him until he tells her he got them climbing Celia's trellis. Opal gets all mushy, but Pete tells her that he's not giving up on Celia because of some psycho guardian.

Miranda shows up at the Chandler mansion, followed closely by Dixie. They've both come to check up on AJ. AJ hasn't been returning Dixie's calls. She wants him to come back to the hospital with her.

Angie is back at Amy's bedside at the hospital. She's pressing her for more information on Cassandra's whereabouts. In the meantime, Uri is happy with the money that Cassandra has brought in. He takes her back to her room, and forces her to take a pill. Cassandra pretends to take it but hides it under her mattress. We can hear a train rolling past in the background.

Jesse and Zach are at Jane's Addiction, where Zach updates Jesse about his night at the club. Just then a familiar face, comes up and introduces herself as Special Agent Lea Marquez of the FBI. Zach knows her as Sinnamon, and she wants to arrest him. Jesse tells her that Zach was assisting him.

Dixie apologizes to AJ for JR not recognizing him earlier. Dixie tells AJ that his father was devastated when he realized what he did. He wants to apologize, but AJ isn't very receptive. Miranda asks Dixie to talk AJ alone, so Dixie goes off to find Brooke. Miranda talks AJ into giving his father another chance.

Opal unaware that Evelyn doesn't know about Celia and Pete, goes to Bramwell Hall. Evelyn is shocked to hear about the couple, but hides it from Opal. Opal prattles on and on about young love. She tells Evelyn about the broken trellis, and Evelyn realizes that Celia has been sneaking out.

Celia is at Chandler mansion on Miranda Center business. She talks to Brooke about Pete, and how wonderful he is. As luck would have it, Pete shows up to see Brooke "on business". Brooke leaves them alone so they can talk.

Angie makes progress with Amy, who tells her how horrible Cassandra's life is right now. Outside of her room Uri and Vlad talk about Cassandra's future, which doesn't look good.

Back at Jane's, Jesse and special Agent Marquez argue over Zach and jurisdiction. She tells Jesse that Zach is a person of interest in a money laundering case. Zach tells Jesse that this is how the Koslovs operate. Marquez wonders how Zach knows the Kozlovs. Jesse tells her to check with her bosses because this case now involves sex traffickers.

Miranda, Dixie and AJ have gone to the hospital. AJ reluctantly goes to see JR. JR apologizes to his son for not recognizing him. He tells AJ that he has a lot to make up for. AJ tells his father that he never had time for him before.

Opal tries to make amends to Evelyn by paying for broken trellis. Evelyn can't wait for her to leave. Brooke interrupts Celia and Pete, who make a date for later.

Celia stays behind to work with Brooke. Pete leaves for another appointment.

After telling Angie, her horrific story, Amy gets upsets so she leaves Amy alone. Amy apologizes to Angie for what Cassandra is going through. The Koslovs discuss whether the new girl is ready to be shipped out.

At Jane's, Agent Marquez has returned from confirming Jesse's claims. Jesse receives a call, and takes off. Zach and Marquez get to know each other better. Meanwhile, Uri tells Cassandra not to misbehave. Uri and Vlad drag Cassandra off somewhere.

JR pleads his case with his son, until Dixie comes in to check on him. AJ uses this chance to take off. Dixie encourages JR not give up on AJ.

Celia returns to her room, and is shocked when Evelyn wants to take her away.

Zach tries to explain his connection to Marquez in her office. He's frustrated and wants to leave, but Marquez isn't done with him yet. He tells her that he knows too unshakable fact about her. 1. She's really smart, and knows now's not the time to arrest him, because Cassandra's life is danger. He goes to leave, when she asks him what was number 2. With typical Zach Slater flare, he says "You've got a great ass!" and leaves. Marquez is left stunned and speechless.

Jesse has joined Angie to question Amy again. She tells him about the blacked out windows, and that she couldn't see anything. As he presses her, she remembers the same train that we heard earlier. Jesse and Angie thank Amy for her help, then leave her. Jesse tells Angie that it sounds like a freight train and goes off to find some maps.

Once again, we see Cassandra in distress. She is being drugged, and prepared for what? It looks like a movie set.

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