AMC Update Tuesday 5/14/13 Ep. 10

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/14/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, AJ has gone to see JR, who doesn't remember him until after he leaves. Jesse tells Angie how he and Zach found the beaten girl in a dumpster, behind a nail salon in Center City. When Angie goes in to see her, she breaks down.

At the Gentlemen's Club, Uri gives Cassandra her costume, which she throws on the ground. he grabs another girl and threatens to hurt her. Cassandra is forced to comply. Zach is sitting at the bar chatting with another customer. When the customer leaves to go "backstage", Zach wonders how he can get "a backstage pass." Suddenly, a beautiful woman approaches Zach and says her name is Sinnamon with an "S".

Back at the hospital, Dixie catches JR trying to get out of bed. He tells her that AJ was there, and he didn't recognize him. He wants to go after him, but Dixie offers to instead. AJ has returned home to the Chandler mansion, where he eyes a decanter of booze, in the library. Instead of drinking, AJ smashes a glass on the floor. Miranda shows up, just then because AJ texted her. AJ pours his heart out to Miranda about his father.

At the hospital, JR sees David staring at him from the doorway. David doesn't buy JR's retrograde amnesia, and goes on the attack. He angrily tells JR that JR belongs in jail for murdering Marissa.

Angie visits the beaten girl with Jesse. They question the girl who's too frightened to talk. Meanwhile, Uri forces booze down Cassandra's throat, but she still refuses to cooperate. Uri slaps the other girl around, so Cassandra reluctantly agrees to perform. Angie plays good cop and finds out the girl's name is Amy. Zach pays the bartender and follows Sinnamon to a private room. As soon as they leave, Cassandra reluctantly appears onstage.

JR is shocked by David's announcement that he killed Marissa. Cara and Dixie rush into the room to stop David. Dixie threatens to call the police, but JR wants to hear what David has to say. At the same time, Miranda gives AJ a pep talk. She reminds him that JR has been out for a long time. But AJ complains that JR never had much time for him before his coma. Miranda tells AJ that his father loves him even if he doesn't remember him.

Dixie and David have differing versions of the night Marissa died. Cara reminds David that a lot of coma patients have retrograde amnesia. David just doesn't believe that JR does.

Jesse and Angie are still trying to get Amy to talk. Jesse pulls out a picture of Cassandra to show her but it doesn't help. In the meantime, Cassandra tries to perform but she is like a deer in the headlights. Outside of Amy's room, Angie is scared out of her mind. Jesse vows to find Cassandra and bring her home.

Dixie finally has the guard remove David from JR's room. David is dumbfounded, when JR offers an apology for his behavior. At the mansion, Miranda has calmed AJ down. The broken glass has not escaped her notice, and she promises to be there for him. JR is agitated thanks to David, but Dixie manages to calm him down.

David runs into Angie, and is alarmed by her behavior. Angie tells him what has happened to Cassandra, and David immediately offers his help. Angie, her voice breaking, tells him that Jesse has things under control. Suddenly Angie remembers Marissa, but David says he is more concerned about her. As he goes to comfort her, Jesse returns, not happy to see her with David. He hasn't been able to reach Zach. Angie leaves to clear her head. David and Jesse have words with Jesse telling David to back away from his marriage.

Zach is in a private room with Sinnamon. They are both asking questions, when the bartender comes in to say his time is up. When Zach leaves, Sinnamon hands the bartender her necklace, and tells him to run it for prints. It seems Sinnamon isn't who she claims to be.

Jesse has found Angie in Amy's room. As Angie prays for her daughter, we see Cassandra leave the stage. Zach leaves the club, and once again, just misses seeing Cassandra.

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