AMC Update Monday 5/13/13 Ep. 9

All My Children Update Monday 5/13/13


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

David found Cara and Griffin and she told David that she had an abortion and he expressed anger and sadness and Cara told him to leave her alone. Griffin said if David laid a hand on her he would kill him. Some time later, Griffin told Cara she was doing the right thing by lying and asked if she could help him with JR, who had awoken from his coma, because Angie was nowhere to be found.

JR asked Dixie who shot him, asked where Marissa is, but she avoided the question by trying to get Angie, but since she was not answering pages or calls, Griffin stepped in and looked at the test results that Angie had ordered and asked Cara for help. JR has retrograde amnesia and cannot remember that tragic night 5 years ago. Cara and Griffin explained to Dixie he could develop personality changes and could remember. AJ came to see him at the very end of the episode and did not remember him.

Jesse finally told Angie that Cassandra was missing possibly due to sex traffickers and was obviously devastated. The girl Jesse and Zach found was brought to the hospital and Jesse tried to get through to her but she wasn't responding. Angie went in her room, saw her and broke down.

Uri brought Cassandra into a room and explained what he wanted and she informed him that she was a virgin. Uri said we can sell that. He put on music had her dance and move for him, but she insisted he was wasting his time. He gave her alcohol and she loosened but continued to beg to let her go home.

AJ and Miranda ended the nice night playing video games and expressing their undying friendship. You've got me, I've got you is their motto. Miranda also told him it was all right he wanted to see his father and to have a relationship.

Bianca and Zach met up at Jane's Addiction and Bianca told him of Miranda's troubles and the need to tell her about her real father. Zach insisted they do it together when Bianca was ready.

Zach went into a club that is run by the Koslovs and tricked his way in with a bar code from another phone. Hopefully he can find things out!

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