AMC Update Tuesday 5/7/13 Ep. 6

All My Children Update Tuesday 5/7/13


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Pete introduced Jane to his friend Dylan and immediately brought on the charm, Pete saw Celia from the window and asked her to dinner. He comes back in Jane's Addiction, Dylan teases him about her being young and getting her into bed. Jane also walked back in and heard, left, threw away flowers he bought her, and stood him up for dinner.

Joe brought Dixie some coffee and support at the hospital. Joe asked her if she had heard from Tad. Dixie explained she hadn't heard from him since he left for assignment and missed him and kept wishing upon stars to hear from him and wanted to get married and raise Kathy.

Brooke went to see Celia to return an item left at the mansion and admired her relationship with Pete.

Bianca went to see Miranda again and Miranda apologized and asked for a transfer to Bramwell or anywhere else. They seemed like they had a better understanding of each other.

AJ was for suspended from school, Adam tells him and AJ was outraged. Adam chuckled at what spunk he had.

Adam was alone in JR's room when he was saying JR was the biggest disappointment in his life. Dixie came in and overheard and blasted him for it and asked him to find it in his heart to love him and show him kindness. She also informed him David was out of jail. Adam finally told him he loved him and Dixie and hugged, left and JR opened his eyes and said dad at the very end of the episode.

Zach and Jesse were still on the go trying to find Cassandra. Jesse went to see parents of girls who were missing to see if there was a pattern and unfortunately there wasn't.

Uri, Vlad's boss reprimanded Vlad for beating on Cassandra and comforted Cassandra. He gave her food and pills in order to break her defenses. When Uri and Vlad met up after; Uri insisted on Vlad not making the same mistakes and get her with the next shipment of girls.

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