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All My Children Update Monday 5/6/13


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita

Jesse and Zach are at the Hubbards, trying to find out information on who has Cassandra. Jesse gets frustrated talking to the FBI, when Zach tells him that these people aren't kidnappers. The FBI has told them they are human traffickers. Zach implores Jesse to tell Angie but he isn't ready yet.

Angie finds Cara in the locker room to let her know that David is out of prison. Unfortunately, Cara already knows this, and has told him to stay away from her. Cara doesn't get how Angie can continue to support David after all he's done. Angie thinks that David has paid for his crimes, and deserves a second chance.

Celia is in her room at Bramwell Hall, getting ready to sneak out for her date with Pete.

At Jane's Addiction, AJ gets into a fight with Hunter for hurting Miranda. Jane breaks up the fight, and when they realize Miranda has left, AJ goes after her. He finds her outside crying, and comforts her.

Dixie has arrived at JR's hospital room for her daily visit. She braces herself before going in, but nothing can prepare her for what she finds. Dixie freaks out when she finds David leaning over JR with his hands, supposedly around his throat. She accuses him of trying kill JR ...........again!

Angie and Cara talk about the baby. She tells Cara that David just wants to grieve, but Cara is adamant that she doesn't want him to know anything. Cara lets Angie know that she is staying longer because of a patient. Just then a nurse comes to tell Angie that there is trouble in J. R's room. They all rush off to find a security guard holding David. Dixie is accusing him of trying to strangle JR David tells them he was taking J. R's thoracic pulse. Cara asks him why and he tells them, because he noticed JR's hand move. He tells them that he thinks.

Jane listens to Hunter's recording of his conversation with Miranda and Sally. Jane is furious and lets everyone know it. She sees them all texting and recording Miranda's humiliation. She tells them all that they are horrible, and lets Sally know she could be charged with rape. Sally scoffs at her. She warns them all, that if anyone publishes this on any social media, they will be banned.

AJ has found Miranda outside crying. She tells him how awful it is with everyone thinking she just like her Mother. He comforts her and they end up going to Chandler mansion.

Pete and Celia arrive at Jane's excited after their first date. She tells him about her life and how sheltered she's been. She tells him about her guardian, and while showing Pete her charm bracelet she notices one missing. Pete assures her that he found it the other day and will return it to her. She's happy that he wants to see her again.

Bianca has also shown up at Jane's where she runs into Zach. They talk about life without Kendall, and she lets him know how her sister is.

Angie kicks David and Dixie out of JR's room. Cara asks Angie if she believes David because Cara doesn't trust him. Angie isn't fooled by David one bit, but wants to test his theory anyway. Jesse is still desperately trying to get information on who has Cassandra. Dixie calls Jesse asking why no one let her know that David is out of prison. She repeats her charge and asks for his help.

Zach and Bianca are playing catch up, when Jane interrupts them. Jane tells Bianca what happened to Miranda. Bianca rushes off to see her daughter. Zach has a meeting with a customer who owes him money. He wants the guy to find information for him. The guy is more afraid of the Russian Mob than he is of Zach. He says no way.

At the Chandler mansion, AJ is taking care of Miranda. When AJ leaves the room, Miranda rips the blouse to pieces, that Bianca bought her for her date. AJ returns and wipes away her tears. He reminds her of his own humiliating incident. They are sharing a laugh when Bianca shows up. AJ leaves so they can talk, but as soon as he's gone, Miranda rips into her mother.

Back at the hospital, Jesse has now joined Dixie in her battle with David. He tells them that he's waiting to be vindicated. The three of them are arguing when Angie comes out to tell them to pipe down.

Miranda tells her mother what's like to be her daughter. She says it's not like being Erica Kane' daughter. She tells her how hard it is to be thought of as a "freak". Bianca is stunned and hurt, but leaves before she says something she can't take back.

Angie backs up David, when Jesse asks if there were any marks around JR's neck. Jesse isn't happy and neither is Dixie. She wants David arrested for attempted murder. Unfortunately, the most they can do is arrest him for violation of parole. Angie goes back to her patient, and tries to ignore David's medical advice. David immediately gloats to Jesse about having Angie for a friend. Jesse and Dixie walk away.

Celia has returned to her room, happy after being with Pete. Suddenly, Celia has a vision of a scary man at her window. Whatever she is remembering terrifies her and she slowly falls to the floor shaking.

Angie finds David skulking around JR's room. He asks Angie if she believes that he tried to kill JR She admits she doesn't, but still isn't sure about JR coming out of his coma. While keeping an eye out for David, Cara tells someone that she can't leave Pine valley just yet. We go back to JR's room, only to see JR's eyes fly open.

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