AMC Update Thursday 5/2/13 Ep. 4

All My Children Update Thursday 5/2/13


Written by Lisa
Pictures by Juanita

Cara tells David she had a miscarriage and needed to sever ties with him after what happened and did not want to discuss any further. Cara wishes she could take the first flight to San Juan, but she has a very sick patient to support.

After Cara left David, David saw JR's name outside his hospital room. David taunted him about pulling his plug but then decides to let him live a hell on earth. He wishes he'd finished the job on that tragic night. David remembers seeing JR in the Chandler tunnel with a gun and was fighting him off when bullets hit and killed Marissa. Dismayed at seeing his daughter dead, David in turn shot JR, putting him in a coma for 5 years and going to jail for manslaughter. When JR's fingers started to move, David showed his disbelief and dismay and wished for him not to wake up now. He put his hand around JR's neck and started to squeeze.

Bianca helped Miranda by buying her a new top for her date with Hunter, then went to Marissa's grave and proclaimed her love for her, and wished she were still there with her.

After arguing with AJ about what to wear, Miranda went on a date with Hunter to Jane's Addiction. Needless to say, it did not go well. He used her mother's sexual orientation against her by proposing that he and Miranda have some three-way fun with a girl named Sally. After Miranda took off, AJ knocked Hunter out, because he was there and saw the whole thing.

Celia went to see Brooke and informed her that her guardian decided not to give her any more freedom or to let her continue working at The Miranda Center, because he doesn't like the people who frequent it. She explained that she is 18 now and can make her own decisions and would still like to volunteer at the Miranda Center. Upon returning to her room, Celia saw a large vase full of beautiful pink roses and a laptop flashing the words "Touch Me" with a video message from Pete explaining that he wants to know her. She followed the directions and looked out her window. Pete was standing there holding a red rose.

Cassandra's kidnapper continued to try to beat her into submission and to sexually assault her while she insists to know why she's being held captive.

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